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Problems with Word 2010 on Windows 10 (1 Viewer)

Steve Babbs

Well-known member
Dear all

I have installed Office 2010 on my Windows 10 computer. However whenever I open a Word document I get a message that it is installing office and then I get this message.

When I click on abort and cancel the Word document eventually opens, but the whole process takes several minutes. Anyone got any suggestions, please?




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Gallery Moderator
Opus Editor
Link does not work for me at least.

I think one workaround could be to first open the version of word you want to use from the start menu and have it open when clicking the document.

Another topic can be which word version is registered as the one that should open (this used to be called file associations). I cannot at the moment remember show to set that in Win10, but see if a search for the topic helps you.


Richard Scott

Well-known member

Hi, try the above link.

Edit: seems this link does not go to the proper page either. Try putting 'Error 1907' into google and you should see a Microsoft page with a possible answer.


For some reason the link redirects but there's a link at the bottom 'why am I seeing this?' or words to that effect. Anyway it eventually gets to the correct Microsoft community forum page. Or as you say, its the first result if you Google 'error 1907'.

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