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Protection Filter TFT 95 for Kowa 883 (1 Viewer)


how many here use this filter on the hood and do you feel its worth it? I guess not all scopes have this provision but not sure.


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afaik many spotting scopes have a filter thread for standard photo filters - either in the dewcap as in this case or - more commonly, in the objective lens mount just before the front element. The latter position might be a bit awkward for installation - depending on how far the front element is recessed inside the retracted dewcap - on the other hand then the decap can protect the - possibly fairly expensive - filter a bit...

I'd probably look for a high quality UV filter in 95mm - the usual suspects like B+W, Hoya or Heliopan will not be quite as expensive as the Kowa accessory.

I personally don't have a choice as the TSN-3 (my usual scope) has no filter thread and also sports a quite sturdy metal dewcap which probably protects the front element better than a filter (except from a stone directly from the front ;-)

I would consider using a filter when I was habitually using the scope in conditions which might be detrimental to the front element coatings - like salt water spray or a sandstorm.



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I know this post is a bit late...

On our scopes we use B+W UV Haze MRC 010M filters. We found the filters don't degrade the quality of the image, and under many conditions the contrast is improved.

Where we live there is a lot of dust and grit in the air, and dirt roads are everywhere. The lenses of both scopes and bins get grit on them very quickly. We are much less worried about cleaning this grit off filters than having to clean it off the main objective lenses. And if needed a new filter is less expensive than a new scope.

We also carry a Giottos Rocket Blaster air bulb with us to blow debris off while out in the field, and usually blow off lenses when we return.

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