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Questions on Nikon Monarch 7 and Tract TORIC 8x42’s (1 Viewer)


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BX4 is great; Very sharp, saturated reds & blues (greens take a hit), but restrictive FoV and a focus wheel with a ton of play, a common complaint.


Thanks for all the information Kumar! You been a great help. I wanted to add one more to the mix. Have you had any experience with the MeoPro HD 8x42? How would you rate the build quality and optical quality of all the above mentioned?


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I love the Meopro HD's fast focus. Build quality is definitely as good as M7. Glare is a common problem noted in the community, although I didn't notice any in my experience. Sharpness is around M7 territory. Colors were sufficiently neutral. Like some Zeiss, slightly more greenish than BX4, M7 or the Toric. CA was very well controlled.


Hi Kumar, I had a few questions for you if you don’t mind. I’m able to get the Tract Toric new for 15% off or the Nikon Monarch 7’s new for 20% off. If you had your choice of the two which one would you pick? How would you rate the build quality on both? I would assume the toric would be better built being it has a magnesium frame vs fiber reinforce plastic and is also made in Japan vs China. How are the eye cups on each? Also optically how do they compare? One any sharper than the other? I guess I’m trying to make sure the toric are worth the $200+ over the Nikons. Thanks again for all the help you have given me.


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I've had a good bit of experience with both binoculars. I've had more time with the Tract Toric. Both are nice biooculars at their price point. Both are quite frankly well built binoculars. The Toric maybe SLIGHTLY better built. Optically the Toric is SLIGHTLY better. Of course as you know the Monarch 7 has a good bit more FOV and has an excellent focus adjustment. Either will be a BIG step up from the Pro Staffs. I have to say I'd probably go to the Monarch 7s for $384. I'm just not feeling that much price difference for the Toric's.


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I ended up ordering the Tract Toric. I received them today and really liking them. I did happen to notice a black smudge or spot in the left barrel near the top left hand corner when looking through the binoculars. I assume it’s internal as the lenses look clean from the outside. I’ll send tract an email tomorrow and see what they say. I’m kinda bummed. I was really hoping to not have any issues but I guess that’s life lol.


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If there can be sample variation in the big three - not too common I believe, then Tract is no different, a bit more modest in price but these things do occur. They will take care of you. I purchased a 8X42 and one of the tubes was slower to focus than the other, sent them back and two weeks later all was good. If there is any other issues, like the hinge, focus, and diopter needs enhanced adjustment, let them know if/when you send them back.
I have the 10X42 and I think it is a great glass for the money.

Andy W.
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