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Rana frogs ID (Czechia/Poland) (1 Viewer)


Jan Ebr
After much hesitation, we decided to plunge forward and ID our herps. We got a nice book for Amphibians and Reptiles Europe (I think on Andy's advice) - Speybroeck et. al. and it has been a huge fun learning the ID method fun and discovering that we have actually already randomly met so many of the species.

However, "true frogs" are a nightmare. I have gotten to a point when I can mostly recognize "brown" (Rana) from "green" (Pelophylax). As I understood ID within the later group is quite difficult, especially when you don't actually posses the frog itself and I think we will probably just do the ones that have separate ranges and won't care about the rest (even moreso because some of the "species" are actually stable hybrid populations).

But the brown ones (Rana) could be IDable from pictures - or so I am told, but I can't really grasp what is a "sharp snout" and similar subtle differences. I am thus presenting 10 selected Rana frogs from Poland and Czech Republic - the possible species are Common, Moor and sometimes maybe Agile Frog - if someone asks, I can try to provide specific locations for individuals.

Any help will be appreciated!


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Jan Ebr
More frogs!


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Andy Adcock

Well-known member
Moor Frog is easy during breeding when the males go blue / grey but generally, I find this group, impossible!


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Jan Ebr
Moor Frog is easy during breeding when the males go blue / grey but generally, I find this group, impossible!

Some of my pictures have a blueish hue, but my book says that Common Frog can have "a blue tint" as well, so I still dunno. Maybe I really need such a cleanly blue one as on your picture, probably a question of timing?

The problem is that I have had several people told me "no, it's not impossible" but none of those was ever willing to actually yell me which one is which :)

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