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Raptor - Virginia - 8/27/19 (1 Viewer)


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Raptor - USA Northern Virginia -Loudoun Co - 8/27/19

I took these shots in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia around 3pm est and I'm dying to know what it is.

To make things easier: Six species of hawks nest in Virginia: red-tailed, red-shouldered, broad-winged, Cooper’s, sharp-shinned, and the Northern harrier.*

Also two Falcons: Peregrin and American Kestral.

These pictures are all of the same bird.

This bird caught my eye while I was driving and I had to get out and take pictures. I'm thinking it was at least a foot tall. I have plenty of other photos and videos so don't hesitate to ask.

Not necessarily related to the identification, but this baby squirrel climbed right up to the bird (twice) and lived to tell the tale. It was the strangest thing.

Anyway please tell me what species of bird this is.


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The Bird Nuts

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Another for young Red-tailed. Note the band of streaks across its belly and mostly unmarked breast and the dark patagials (the areas between the body and the wrists at the leading edge of the underwings). Young Red-taileds have pale eyes, blotchier streaking, and brown tails with thin darker brown bands.

Young Red-shouldereds and Broad-wingeds have streaking on the breast and belly and they lack the dark patagials.

Young Cooper's and Sharp-shinneds and are much less bulky and they have streaking on the breast and belly and longer tails with wide light and dark gray bands.

Northern Harriers are thinner with owl-like facial discs.

Falcons are smaller with dark eyes, blue to yellow skin around the eyes, and longer wings. Young Peregrines have streaking on the breast and belly, a dark "helmet" with "sideburns", and solid gray-brown backs.


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Thanks so much, everyone.

The Bird Nuts, I could not have hoped for a more thorough answer. Thank you for taking time out of your day to write it.

I guess it was a red-tailed hawk then. I'm glad I can put this to rest.

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