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Rare birds in North Yorkshire (1 Viewer)


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Hi. I am writing a TV comedy. I want a rare bird. North Yorkshire. The rarer the better. Even if it it doesn't travel to the area. That would be better. Preferably one that isn't into fishing as this would cut the area down a bit too much.

Have Golden Eagle and GosHawk. They don't appear to live in that region and would cause a commotion if it were to be believed that someone had seen one.

This is a comedy so anything goes.


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Do you want a bird that would cause large numbers of twitchers to descend on it or just excite local birders? Golden eagle or goshawk would do the latter but neither would be really extraordinary. Vagrant American things like purple martins or belted kingfisher or asian things like white throated robin would get a mass of twitchers there (all have been seen just a handful of times in the UK). If you're looking for cheap laughs there's always penduline tits or little bustards (both seen a handful of times each year in the UK).



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There's been a Dalmatian Pelican causing quite a stir in Cornwall. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction!



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Pick something that any birder would have heard of and would be likely to firmly recognize when seen up close, even if they've never seen one before. Also pick something that a general audience might have heard the name, and might recognize as out of place anywhere in England (nay, anywhere in Europe).

California Condor.

Emperor Penguin.

Any kind of hummingbird.

Passenger Pigeon.

Pileated Woodpecker.


Bah humbug
To cause a kerfuffle, uproar or a just a minor international incident?

To paint the birdwatching/twitching community in a good light or a bad light? ;)

Plausible or implausible? Does the bird actually feature, or is it just the news that it has been seen (or allegedly seen)?

Crested Tit, Bare-faced Go-away Bird, breeding Pomarine Skuas ??? - Whatever your fancy takes ... (possible, impossible and improbable, respectively)

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