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Raven hybrid? (1 Viewer)


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I have just joined to post about a strange sighting recently at sea. Having lived on the West Coast of Scotland for many years I am very familiar with Ravens, and their corvid relative, the Hooded Crow. Having earlier spotted a Raven circling my boat I was not surprised to hear a familiar croak from above my head. When I looked up, it was a pair of what I identified as Ravens, but with the colouration of the Hoodie. These two cheeky characters were perched on the wheelhouse within a yard of my head, so I was able to see clearly the distinctive Raven bill, but also the grey body conforming to the Hoodie, although slightly darker. In flight, the rounded tail was also evident.
So...is it known that these two corvids can interbreed? Or is this a pair of Ravens evolving the same colouration difference which has occurred with the Carrion Crow in this part of the world?
Thanks for any feedback,



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Hooded and Carrion Crow hybridise, but I've never heard of hybridisation between crows and ravens. i would have thought the size difference would make it unlikely.

Leucism (white/light coloured patches) is fairly common in corvids. There used to be a "piebald" race of Raven (now extinct) on the Faeroe Islands. I feel like some sort of colour abnormality might be more likely than hybridisation here. Would be great if you could get a photo of them!

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