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Red Tail Hawks (1 Viewer)


Oklahoma State Bird
For me birding is very exciting and educational. It is also taking them the time to see all the beauty of our feathered friends. One thing I didn't expect was to get sentimental about a few of the birds. The Ruby Kinglet was so darling and cute to photograph. A busy guy but was very friendly and offered many close up shots. It will always have a place in my heart. The birds of Prey are my favorite, they are just stunning to watch. The Bald Eagle is my very favorite with the Red Tail Hawk being my second favorite. There is Murphy, the Harlin's hawk, a mile west of the house that I am particularly fond of. The markings along with being the biggest challenge to photograph has made him very special to me. At times I wanted to ring his neck for being so difficult to get a photo of. It took weeks to get a photo of him and more weeks to get a closer shot. Nevertheless I hope he stays here year round. The first photo is of Murphy.

I also have a Red Tail Hawk that lives on our farm. It doesn't have a name yet but soon will. This one is a character. It bids us goodbye as we leave our driveway and always greets us when coming home. It also likes to race my husband from the corner of the road to our driveway. Quite the unusual scene..my husband turning the corner, eyes the hawk, hawk eyes him. Hawk gets ready and husband takes off towards our driveway..hawk takes off heading same direction...husband looks over at hawk..hawk looks over at husband..both continue and do this several times until driveway is reached. Hawk lands on tree at driveway..hubby turns in drive, Hawk wins. I'm surprised they don't race up to the house that is further up our drive. I got a close up photo of our Red Tail this morning while driving up the driveway, it is posted below. It's the 2nd photo. We have lots of Red Tails on our farm but this one likes to hang out close. We also have a Northern Harrier that is visiting.

Amazing how these big birds of prey get to ya. I have a lot of birds at my feeders but the ones that usually take my breathe away are the big guys. :)


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Birding and bird photography are definitely FUN

To me, all raptors are fascinating to observe and a challenge to photograph.


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Hi, agree all of them are fascinating. Absolutely a challenge to photograph though it seems you have it down really well. Very nice photos that I can only hope to shoot some day. Well done. :)
Red-tailed hawks are acctually more aggressive than ferruginious hawks despite the fact they are both close in strength. There is acctually an account of the former outaggressing two of the latter species.
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