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Redpoll sp., UK. (1 Viewer)

Pete Mella

Getting there...
Just wondering what people's thoughts are about this Redpoll, taken this morning in Sheffield, UK?


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Pete Mella

Getting there...
Thanks Steve,

Flitting between both options to be honest...

Pro mealy - the very clean underparts, white wing bars, limited red wash to chest, lack of obvious eye ring, impression of a supercilium, etc.

Pro lesser - browner upperparts, no obvious white rump on few shots I got that show back (although appears unstreaked?), structure not outside what you'd expect for lesser (but not outside range of mealy...), some possible hints of buff in wing bars, etc.

Guess this time of year they just become redpolls ;)


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not of this world
Mealy for me - width of undertail covert streak on white background, overall lake of buff tones
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The last picture shows brown rump which would be very unusual for mealy. The first shows contrast between brown chest and white belly so Lesser Redpoll. The color of wingbars is not too good feature as all three, Lesser, Mealy and Arctic (exilipes) can show it.


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Mealy for me - width of undertail covert streak on white background, overall lake of buff tones

You can't go on under tail covert streaking as this seems like it may also be age related. Here's photo's of two Redpolls caught and ringed in my garden this year.

The left hand two photo's are of a controlled adult male Lesser and the right two are a 1st winter male Mealy (on biometrics).


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