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Refilled Ink Cartidges? (1 Viewer)


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I'm looking to cut my printing costs and would really welcome the Brains Trust's views on these. Are they as good as the branded originals or could I have problems?

My printer is an HP deskjet 1220c (I needed an A3 printer and it was the only brand stocked in these parts). I understand that with HP printers the print nozzles are part of the cartridge, not the printer. If so, would HP-compatible catridges be safer than refilled HP originals? Looking on Ebay, I see mention of "prescription strength" inks (sounds like "cask strength" malts!) Is this significant, or is it marketing hype?


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Compatabiles should be called variables. A few are not even worth bothering with but when you find one that is good then stick with them. The first two varieties I tried produced pictures that weren't "honestly" coloured. One even produced faces that were a bit purple! I find www.jettec.com reasonably okay and can pick the cartridges up very cheaply from http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk


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I tried refilling the cartridges on the Lexmark - found it very messy with not very good results. I have just bought compatibles for the Canon which are very good. I use Manx Print Care (think it's www.printconsumables.com). They are local (but not just for local people |;| ), good prices and fast delivery.


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I've tried refills/compatables with my HP 5552 and find the results poor. I just buy the cheapest HP cartridges I can find.


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For text documents they are not a problem. We refill at the office all the time but I wouldn't use them for photographs. I wouldn't use them at all though until your warrantys are up on the printer. The use may void the warranty though how they can tell is a mystery to me.


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My father worked as a computer technician, his main job was repairing printers and monitors. According to him, refillable cartridges are rubbish... 8 out of 10 printers he had to repair was because of refilled cartridges which had stuffed up the system in some way or another.

In my opinion stick to new cartridges.

Taryn o:)

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