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Rio de Janeiro and the Atlantic Rain Forest - Salvaging 2020 (1 Viewer)

Andrew Whitehouse

Professor of Listening
Staff member
Nice report. I've also been reminded of my visits to many of the same areas. A fantastic region for birding.


missing the neotropics
Lovely report, thank you for sharing! SE Brazil is absolutely fantastic, and I still need to get to a couple of the major sites... somehow I've managed to spend roughly 6 yrs in S America and have still not seen your two Cotingas or some of the other specials!

A couple pedantic spelling / naming corrections that hopefully are more helpful than nitpicky :)

Dec 12: Bertoni's Antbird and Ochre-rumped Antbird on Dec 12. And yes, both are are skulkers that can be hard to get good looks at, as with almost all Drymophila.

Dec 13: Sepia-capped Flycatcher and the name of White-browed Blackbird (along with Red-breasted) has changed to White-browed Meadowlark but I think IOC is lagging on this English name change?

Dec 14: Collared Swift is White-collared Swift, I assume...

Dec 15: Blue-billed Black-Tyrant and Velvety Black-Tyrant

Dec 17: Silvery-flanked Antwren - Here it is SACC/Clements that seems to be slow in taking up this split

Again, thanks for letting us live vicariously :)


Well-known member
Great report, reminds me of the trip I had planned for next year but had to cancel due to work constraints. I plan to someday make it to Itororo Lodge and bird the Atlantic Forest, though I doubt I'll have 10 days to do it like you.


Well-known member
Thanks everyone, also for the nomenclature input. I did joke a bit about how nearly everything had Ant in the name and how many variations of Rufous, Rufescent, Rusty, Chestnut... takes some digesting!


Well-known member
Nice report - it's a fantastic region with some great birds! Makes me want to go back.


Well-known member
Thank you.

It was really good, I think my lack of experience in the area was a setback for being able to focus quickly on some of the harder birds as such a large amount was new. If you go with some experience and some of them already under your belt, I'm sure you'll find even more that I didn't see.


Daniele Mitchell
Trystan, certainly a wonderful selection of birds you saw in a region of the world on my shortlist of most wanted destinations. I have birded NE Argentina by Iguazu which hosts an appetizer of Atlantic Forest birding but not yet had the chance to visit Brazil. Awesome!

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