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In august I made a trip through Yucatan and Chiapas in Mexico.
In the Palenque/Campeche area I took four photos of hawks.
I indentified the hawks as Grey Hawks. But Cuckooroller (member of BF) pointed too me that the hawks could be Roadside Hawks.

What do you think?
Here are the pictures

Thanks again,

Lennaert Steen from the Netherlands

James Lowther

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i don't know what a grey hawk juv looks like (not sure for example what iris colour is), but i think the streaked breast/ barred belly combination is good for roadside hawk?...

edit; have just found a pic of a juv grey hawk with a dark iris, therefore as these birds have yellow irises i reckon they can't be grey hawks!!

think roadside hawk is correct
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Dave B Smith

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For the 2nd photo - juvenile Roadside - note heavy streaking in breast.
For the 4th photo - adult Roadside - note the dark breast and thicker belly bands.
For the 1rst, 3rd photo (same bird?) - I'm not as confident but also look like juvenile Roadside (heavier breast streaking, and wider tail bands than expected in juvenile Gray.


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Hello Guys,

Thanks for your comments.
So all the hawks are Roadside Hawks. I will change the names on my website.
Unfortunatly I didn't take any photos of adult or juvenile Grey hawks.

@David. Yes, picture 1 and 3 is the same bird. The other two are two different birds.


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