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Roseate or common tern in Northumberland (1 Viewer)


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Hi, please could anyone tell me if you think this could be a roseate tern?

It's got more black on the bill than the other common terns did, looks pretty white, and seems like the tail streamers are probably pretty long, although the orientation isn't perfect for it. What do you think?

Seen at Hauxley Northumberland Wildlife Trust today (30/06/2019), which isn't far from the breeding colony on Coquet Island.

Thanks very much! :)



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Pale, lots of black on the bill, pale wings with dark tips (when folded) - happy to be corrected but looks good to me.


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Think I'd favour Common - not least because (a) it is unringed (most of the Rosies are ringed!) and (b) very few Rosies have been visiting Hauxley in recent years, perhaps because it is more surrounded by trees than in the past. Also there are no obvious long tail stramers, and I think they'd be visible even at this angle, while the primaries do look rather long (Rosie is fairly short-winged). But agree it's a tricky bird; I'm not 100% sure on my ID.


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Just back from the Coquet Island boat trip yesterday, guy on the boat says they've been getting quite a few roseate tern records at Hauxley recently.
Having just reacquainted myself with roseates at Coquet, I'd say this looks pretty good.
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