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Rumors of new Sony 500/4 or 600/4 or 200-600 zoom (1 Viewer)


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I'm currently holding off for reviews and tests, before buying the 200-600mm...but moreso I'm holding off in hopes of news of a new APS-C high-performance body - which is really more what I'm looking for to replace my excellent but well used and old A6300...If Sony release a 'mini-A9' with an APS-C sensor and the large battery, body controls, EVF, and focus system tech from the A9, I'd buy both that AND the 200-600mm lens together, and still keep the 100-400mm for maximum optical quality when needed, as well as the vastly superior close focusing ability.

Yes! A mini-a9 would be great. The a6400 was a bit difficult to use. Granted, I only had it for a week, but compared to the haptics and UI on the Nikon, I really preferred the Nikon. IMO, it needs both a front & back knob and a hard button to switch EVF/screen/auto. It also needs an easier way to switch between video and stills. For my hands, it is also a bit small in the grip.

If Sony could do something to compete with the d500, they would have a very popular camera.



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Compared to the adapted 150-600mm lenses, the new Sony 200-600mm will be much better for video since will not do noise focusing.
It's a much more tempting lens for me but still have to think well if makes sense spending 2k euros for the possible use I would give it...


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Sony alpha rumors has a wildlife review of the 200-600.

Some highlights:

* Teleconverters and Clear zoom images:
This lens is compatible with both Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters. AF is fast with both TC. I was able to track swallow with 2.0x TC (fiew of view at 1200mm)

  • 200-600 + 1.4x TC: AF fast, IQ still great.
  • 200-600 + 2x TC: AF fast, IQ is bad. Image is very soft.
  • Clear zoom images is works perfectly with this lens.
* Conclusion:
This will open the door for many many users from DSLR that love the amazing AF performance of Sony A9 but don’t want or can’t afford the big prime (400/600GM)
I strongly recommend this lens as it is a great lens and very versatile. Just think what you can do for the money with A6400 & 200-600 combo for static or distant shot?

* My personal though:

This is an excellent lens but it is not for me. Yes, i hate the fact that i have to deal with vignetting when using 1.4x and 2x TC on 100-400GM, i hate the fact that my TC something wiggly a bit but i’m after absolute speed and subject acquisition. Also, the IQ on 100-400GM + 2x TC is usable for BIF. I’m belong to the remain 5% that need the absolute IQ, reliable AF and snappy subject acquisition.​
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