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Talon 1

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Could somebody tell me some facts and figures eating habits and location of this Falcon. Its a beautiful bird.


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Free said:
Dont seem to hear much about them but they seem rare. But they are a beautiful looking bird
Saw quite a number of Sakers in Hungary recently...a very impressive bird and quite difficult to locate once found though we spotted quite a number...a lovely bird!!!
Thanks for the site.

Katy Penland

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I wouldn't count on much on that site as being reliable. It is produced by and the attendant "research" is conducted by a country with a vested interest in importing these birds as captives. An instant giveaway that an organization or agency isn't interested in bona fide "conservation" is when the terms "sustainable use" or "sustainable harvest" are used.


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Sakers in Hungary

Dear Free

Hungary is, indeed, as the other correspondent mentioned, one of the great places to see Sakers. They are one of the special birds of the puszta - the great flat areas of farmland - for which the country is famous. In these modern times, pairs will sometimes nest on pylons, and so can easily be watched for extended periods when hunting. They are a large falcon, with a purposeful flight, and a dashing hunting style, featuring all the range of stoops, swerves, turns and general acrobatics you expect of similar species (Peregrine, Lanner).

Come and enjoy them!



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