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Samyang 500mm f8 Lens for Samsung GX-20 GX20 GX-10 GX10 (1 Viewer)


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The add looks a bit contradictory as it says that the T-mount is for a Nikon, it also says that the lens will not auto focus because it has an apature less than f6 when in fact for obvious reason the lens is a manual focus lens. Going back a few years when I had a Canon 400D I did buy a Tokina 500mm mirrro lens, it was rubbish. I do though have a Minolta 500 mm mirror lens which is autofocus and has given some reasonable results on my Sonys, it is still very much hit and miss though.
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trev s4000

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Hi Guy's, thanks for your comments, I think i will save some pennies, wait and get something more suitable and better quality. Best Regards, Trev.


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Samyang probably has an f6.3 mirror too. Saw a thread on preview - pentax slr talk and the results were not that bad.. Human subjects though.



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I used to work in a camera shop and we had a couple of these come in from time to time and by and large they are rubbish. The coating on the lens is of very poor quality and as a previous poster has commented they are of the pre set variety.

For those not old enough to remember a pre set lens is focused at full aperture (to allow as much light in as possible), then manually stopped down to the actual taking aperture as opposed to a modern lens which stops down automatically. Given these lenses tend to have a maximum aperture of some f6.3 or even slower the user has to use them wide open to achieve any kind of fast shutter speed which reduces image quality even more: lenses work best when used at 2-3 stops below maximum aperture when more of the center portion of the lens is used. In addition you will lose multi pattern metering etc and will be relying on center weighted or spot.

If you can save your pennies you may well be able to find a second hand bargain at somewhere like ffordes in Scotland (www.ffordes.com).

If you are on a tighter budget then I would suggest looking for a second hand mirror lens or possibly a longer zoom (100-300 etc) with a 1.4 or 2x converter. You will have to focus manually and the image quality will be reduced slightly-depending on quality of lens and converter but still much better than the Samyang. This will also allow you to keep the Canon metering system.

Hope this helps a bit.
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