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Offshore 2 weeks ago

1 Scripp's
2 Guadalupe
3 Scripp's
4 Guadalupe


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Bump. I don't know which these are, but would like to see some discussion of them.


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Disclaimer: I've never seen these species and I'm only going by Sibley [1st ed] and ebird. I think there's only one Scripp's: first bird. Bird 3 has white extending up in front of and [I think] around the eye. It's not as clear as in the other photos because of the angle, I suggest


The record in ebird has no pictures for the current year,
so encounters are thin. I agree that 2-4 are Guadalupe
and the first is a Scripp's. I erroneously labeled the 3rd
bird based on a conversation at the time I took the shot.
Pelagic birding is fast and prone to error with a number
of birds being id'd from people's photos after a different
species was called out.

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