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Scaup? (1 Viewer)

Potatoheaded Bobby

Well-known member
Good Morning all,
Took these images last year at 'Professor's Lake' in Brampton, Ontario.
I believe they are Lesser Scaup male and female.
Thanks in advance for you replies.


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Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
The male seems a Lesser Scaup to me, please note:
-just visible peak at rear crown, not rounded (better visible in the thumbnail)
-violett, not green gloss to head
-head seems to small in relation to body for a Greater Scaup.

For the female/1cy I wait for others, so I can learn.

Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
Than thank you BobbitWorm45, I must admit that I have seen Lesser Scaup only in captivity before. So I hope that you can write something more, so I can learn.
I know, the iriscent colour of the head is variable in diving Ducks. Bu while I have seen some Tufted Ducks with a green sheen to the head, Greater Scaup have either green (often) or blue (rare) sheen there. I think violett must be within variation for Greater Scaup, but thats the colour for Lesser Scaup according to literature.
While an ID-book Lesser Scaup has a more peaked crown, I still see a slight peak (yes, just within variation for Greater Scaup).
The flanks are burned out, because of overexposure to this area, but with a little bit of guessing, I see some fine barring there, which is also better for Lesser.

BUT: as said, I like to learn here, and would appreciate more comments. Because, when looking in an european ID-book, I got the impression that the Scaup/Lesser Scaup problem is an easy one, but after reading and learning from some threads here, I realized that this is sometimes not so straightforward.


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For me it's the head shape and relative position of the eye in the head, which always seems more closer to the top of the head in greater than lesser. I was also going on the cleaner sides, although I do admit the exposure makes this difficult. I'm sure someone will come along and disagree with me though! i don't mind being wrong.

Potatoheaded Bobby

Well-known member
I had also thought Lesser when I posted it. It was not a particularly favourable light day. The head as I recall is a deep violet almost purple. Here another image of the same group on the same day and location. Hope it helps.


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In the last photo the three birds on the right all have a classic Lesser Scaup head. The bird on the left I think is impossible to identify from this angle.
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