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Scopoli's shearwater? (Ibiza, Spain) (1 Viewer)


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Where: SW island of Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)
When: 1st March 2021

These days it's quite easy to spot shearwaters from the shore. However, even with the scope ID can sometimes be tricky.

There was a group of no less than 40 of these. It could be a mixed group, but they looked mostly like in the picture.
Main features.
  • White underpart quite striking.
  • The dark border of the wings was of varying width (the bottom right picture shows a shearwater with thicker dark areas).
  • Upon closer inspection of the pictures (top two) you can see a small line on the front area of the underwing, like a parallel line some 2 inches away from the front border of the wing.
  • They glided effortlessly which made them hard to spot (due to the gloomy day, their colour appeared similar to the surface of the water) until they turned and showed they white belly. Not a lot of flapping. Most gliding and turning.
  • There was a small clearer area near the tail (pic 4 and 6).

I think they might be Scopoli's shearwater (C. diomedea), but I'm not 100 % sure. They had long pointy wings, but compared to some gannets they didn't look that big. But then, I think the underparts looked too white to be Balearic and the bird lacked contrast between upper and lower parts to be Manx.

What do you reckon?


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