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Sea bird Poland (1 Viewer)


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Today at the sea I saw these 2 birds come flying very far out.. I know the quality is very low and sort of blurry..

I hope someone might be able to help me out from jizz or some of the characteristics of the birds..

I had difficulties really determine the size of the birds, since there were no other birds around and they disappeared in the water after landing very far out.. They came flying from a pretty high altitude and turned quickly around and went down into the water and couldn't see them after that. My own "feeling" is something like a guillemot of some sort, but not sure, since they are sort of rare around here..


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I'm sure it wasn't Red Throated Diver.. I have seen then many times around here.. For me they were with shorter neck.. Like a duck...


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You guys are probably right, even I was just sure at the site, that it wasn't Red Throated Divers.. They seemed much more compact and their wingbeats appear quicker to me, than what I'm use to see.. More like a flying duck, as I wrote earlier..


Stuck in Dundee.....
Had a look through the Flight ID of European Seabirds book for other possibilities (RTD was based on plenty of my own distant photos taken while seawatching - and as others have said moreso evident in first pic) but can't see anything else that fits.


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Another vote for RTD for the same reason as Stonefaction. Very similar to my own distant shots of a bird I had already ID'd.

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