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Seagulls at school (1 Viewer)

Hi there, i Live in Birmingham, UK. Every school day (prior to covid lockdown), large flocks of black headed gulls, herring gulls and Lesser black backed gulls along with a couple of common gulls frequent the school playground to gorge on rubbish left by students. I have wondered how they accurately pinpoint break (recess) and lunchtime. Reminds me of the gulls at the at&t court in California!

As well as that, I was interested in the gull sighting during the year. In autumn and winter, the school grounds are dominated by Black headed gulls, but they depart in the spring but at the same time, flocks of herring and lesser black backed gulls come in the spring and summer from somewhere. However, there are some Herring + LBBG pairs that are present all year round.

Any Ideas I will appreciate!

Stay Safe!
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my parents lived in sheltered housing which overlooked a school,the kids came out the school for their dinner at 12 every day,the gulls congregated at 11.50 ,my parent could tell the time by them


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Gulls are quick to learn feeding times.

Once read about someone who wanted to prank a college footy match - over several days before the match he dressed up as a referee, ran around the pitch blowing a whistle and throwing around lots of chips. When the match started, it was quickly interrupted by hordes of gulls swooping down expecting food 3:)


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Some of the gulls are migratory. Sometimes just a local migration, like inland to a coastal site or vice versa, but others travel much further afield. I find where I live that herring gulls dominate in the winter, but they disperse and are replaced by lesser black-backed gulls as we approach spring.

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