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Second-Hand Habicht Porro’s To Use (1 Viewer)


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You have an interesting question about comparisons with these 2 binocular models. First off the views are quality between both. They both have their
advantages, and there is no winner.

This leaves ergonomics between the Habicht porro prism design, small focuser knob, some may call stiff, etc. The GA version is very well built to
military specs. a very good thing. The SLC roof prism models are easier to use and handle, and that is not a minor quibble.

There is a place for both in the marketplace, and I think it is great Swarovski continues to make the traditional porro Habicht binoculars. I have experience with all of them, a collector type thing.


Hi Jerry

It’s not so much whether there is a winner or not, it’s whether the SLC is worth 50% more than the Habicht?

I agree that they are both good bins in their own right. But in my search for my ideal classic 10x binocular which would be the better buy....?

Highly subjective I know, but as is always the case on here many wise old owls bring up some very interesting arguments one way or the other.

Always good for thought to my over analytical mind :)


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(...) Also, the SLC has been slated in the past for its poor, rough focusing feel, not something I have direct experience with. (...)
The focuser of my SLC (current version!) is simply the best I have ever experienced in any binocular and a joy to use: exact, buttery smooth, very clever adjustment mechanism for the right eye. But there might be some sample variation.
(...) Nonetheless, my original query was really whether the SLC is really worth 50% more than the Habicht. (...)
As an economist I have to say: it depends mainly on the cost of production and the willingness to pay of the prospective customers. In other words: Only *you* can answer that question for yourself. There is no such thing as an objective measure for e.g. optical quality. There is no price tag for the usabiliy of a focuser or the ergonomics of an eyepiece. It depends on your own preferences! For me in person, the SLC is worth its premium over the Habicht easily: the further meets my needs, the latter not. Period. But your mileage may vary! Hence: Try before you buy and make your choices on the basis of the (in this special case!) only sufficient information - personal experience. And don't try to evaluate other people's opinions only.
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Hi John,

once again a very comprehensive write up on binocular history which I really enjoyed reading and will probably refer to in the future quite a bit.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!


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