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Senhor Kawall in Amazona (farinosa) kawalli … (1 Viewer)

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Here´s a little translation task for anyone knowing Portuguese!

As far as I understand the Mealy Parrot Amazona (farinosa) kawalli GRANTSAU & CAMARGO 1989 a k a "Kawall's Parrot" commemorates the relatively unknown (at least among Western Ornithologists); Brazilian aviculturist Nelson Machado Kawall (1928–2006), São Paolo, Brazil – renowned for participating in several different, long-term, captive Parrot breeding Projects.

But what I do not know, due to my lack of linguistic skills, is exactly why?

In the Introduction of the type description Rolf Grantsau & Hélio de Almeida Camargo writes:

"Em 1988 Nelson Kawall chamou a atenção de [Rolf Grantsau] sobre um exemplar de Amazona, de mais ou menos dois anos de idade pertencente a Nelson, idêntico àquele de A. Vertematti, ainda vivo e no momento com 18 anos, no criadouro de N. Kawall. Na ocasião este apontou diversas diferenças entre o exemplar dele - agora com procedência exata, 100 km ao sul de Santarém, Pará - e os de A. f. farinosa. Kawall já havia, também, visto uma pele da nova espécie, procedente de Santarém, Pará, e mantida junto com exemplares de A. f. farinosa na coleção do Museu Paraense "Emilio Goeldi", Belém, Pará. Comparando, então, aqueles três espécimes com vários representantes de A. f. farinosa da coleção do Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo - no meio dos quais encontramos mais duas peles da nova espécie - e estudando a bibliografia, chegamos à conclusão que, de fato, estávamos diante de uma espécie distinta e ainda não descrita. Daí porque resolvemos denominá-la. Amazona kawalli, sp.n .[species nova = New Specie]”
And further down:
"Agradecimentos - O nome da espécie é uma justa homenagem a Nelson Kawall, que há muitos anos vem se dedicando em São Paulo, com entusiasmo e competência, à criação e ao estudo dos Psitacídeos. Agradecemos a Alcides Vertematti a doação do exemplar de A. kawalli, bem como as informações que gentilmente nos prestou sobre esta especie. "
Anyone, please, feel like translating those two quotes for me? If so, please as accurate as possible, as I would like to quote them myself in Swedish. And don´t hesitate to remark on any errors that I might have done trying to transcribe it.

Or if that´s too much to ask, a brief Summary?

Type description in: Grantsau, R & H F de Almeida Camargo. 1989. Nova espécie brasileira de Amazona (Aves, Psittacidae). Revista Brasileira de Biologia 49 (4): 1017-1020 (I have´n been able to find the original issue, but a Facsimile: attached as pdf).

If anyone has the energy to read it all, does this article add anything else about Mr. Kawall in connection with "his" Parrot?

Type description also accessible (in the same "version") from: http://www.aquahobby.com/zeco/Am-kawalli-2.htm


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Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Mr Kawall himelf ...

Dear friends,

Here´s a little teaser that might trigger the translation nerve of our Portuguese readers ...

A Photo of Mr Kawall himelf ...with "his" own Parrot!


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Well-known member
My Portuguese is not all that well, but I'll give it a go. Please feel free to correct me.

“In 1988 Nelson Kawall called the attention of Rolf Grantsau on a species of Amazona, more or less two years in the posession of Nelson, identical to the one of A. Vertematti, still alive and at the moment 18 years old, in the aviary of N. Kawall. We found diverse differences between this species - now with accurate origin, 100 km to the south of Santarém, Pará - and A. f. farinosa. Kawall already had, also, seen a skin of the new species, coming from Santarém, Pará, and kept together with an exemplare of A. f. farinosa in the collection of the Paraense Museum “Emilio Goeldi”, Belém, Pará. Comparing, then, those three specimens with some representatives of A. f. farinosa of the collection of the Museum of Zoology of the University of São Paulo – doing this we found two more skins of the new species - and studying the bibliography, we arrive at the conclusion that, in fact, we were looking at a distinct and not yet described species. We decide to call it Amazona kawalli, sp.n. [species nova = New Species]”

“Acknowledgements - the name of the species is a homage to Nelson Kawall, who has many years in São Paulo, with enthusiasm and ability, dedicated to the study of the Psittacidae. We thank Alcides Vertematti for the donation of the specimen of A. kawalli, as well as for the information that he gave us about this species. "



Speak softly and carry a long lens
Page 3:

<i>Distribution</i>: Beyond the 2 exemplars from the Jurua river [in] Amazonas [province], we know of 3 others, one numbered 7577, summarized in 25.X.1970, and two others, living, in the collection of Nelson Kawall, all from a region situated, approximately, 100km to the south of Santarem, a locality found in the right bank of the Tapajoz river, at its confluence with the Amazon river, [in] Para [province], according to trustworthy information that Nelson Kawall kindly vouchsafed to us.

page 5 (last para before Acknowledgements):

Nelson Kawall kindly brought to our attention a book by Bosch and Wedde (1981/1985) in which, on page 184 can be seen a color photograph of <i>A. Kawalli</i>, identifed there, however, as <i>A. farinosa virenticeps</i> Salvadori, 1891. ... [goes on to discuss differences in range and appearance between the two species.]

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Thanks Theo and "nartreb",

Sorry for my late reply ... hopefully this will "close" the case regarding this man and "his" Parrot. I sure think so.

Once again thanks!

Nelson Kawall ... over and out!

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