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Settings for Sigma Lens (1 Viewer)


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Can you help me please. I have a Canon 1300D and sigma lens and I need to know the right lens settings for my canon. also my hubby says I should set my camera on automatic cos you get a better photo. That's OK but I always have it set on TV(Shutter priority AE) on my camera. There are 4 settings on the sigma lens. Settings as follows. FOCUS-AF-MO-MF. 2nd setting 2.8-10M 3nd OS-2-1-OFF and 4th CUSTOM-C2-C11-OFF. So which is the best setting for my camera?

I'm not happy in using automatic but having it on automatic i keep getting in and out of focus as I slightly press the shutter button I can't get in focus properly. I have to press several times to get in focus properly. Why is this happening on automatic? It should do it for you. It's like what my hubby says. what's the point have an automatic car if you have to put it in gear yourself.

I hope you can help on this.

Thanks Lorraine


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Focus AF, 2.8-10m Os 1 & Custom setting OFF.
The 2.8 - 10m setting is bad advice as this setting will cause issues as soon as the subject is further away than 10m (likely once in a while the case) or closer than 2.8m (assuming the near focus of the lens is closer than 2.8m). I would set this on the lens to the full focus range!
With the increasing options of on-lens settings one should take the time to read the manual that came with the lens, and if at one point something isn't working as expected check the switches on the lens to see if something was accidentally changed (e.g from AF to MF).

Owen Krout

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I've been working with a new Sigma 150-600mm C lens on my Canon 7D mk ii for the last month and would suggest using the back button feature on the camera while turning the autofocus off on the shutter release button. That allows you to control when the camera tries to change the focus by decoupling from the shutter button. Then use the FOCUS MO setting on the lens as it allows you to use the back button on the camera for autofocus or to manually focus. Don't do both together though as Sigma warns that can cause damage to the system. Like you, I prefer to control the focus either manually or using the backbutton as the autofocus doesn't always choose to focus on what I am interested in. https://youtu.be/y2yz-wrZYCI

I have an option for 10m-infinity and personally prefer that as it makes the autofocus a little bit quicker as it doesn't have to search through the entire range. However here in China I rarely get any really closeup shots. If you do then either manually focus for them, which is what I do, or use the full range. Shortest focus range on mine is 2.8m.

Unless you have the dock and have set up any custom settings in the lens, turn the CUSTOM switch to off.

I have a OS switch which is Optical Stabilization and I find 2 works best for me for flying birds and regular shooting.

Almost forgot to add that I have found the switches to be a little too easy to change. Check them regularly as you can accidentally change them just brushing up against them.
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