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Chaetura andrei andrei von Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902 OD here
More than two years ago the Tring Museum received from Mr. E. André, of Trinidad, a skin marked "♀," which had been taken at San Felix, Cumana, Venezuela, by Mr. Caracciolo, and therefore we name this species in honor of Mr. André
Crypturellus soui andrei (Brabourne & Chubb, 1914) OD here
Loc. Trinidad. Type in Rothschild Museum in Tring
Dysithamnus mentalis andrei Hellmayr, 1906 OD here
E. André coll.
Taeniotriccus andrei von Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902 OD here
Taeniotriccus andrei is named after Mr. E. André, of Trinidad, its discoverer.

The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims:
André's Swift Chaetura andrei Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902 [Alt. Ashy-tailed Swift]
Black-chested Tyrant Taeniotriccus andrei Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902
Plain Antvireo ssp. Dysithamnus mentalis andrei Hellmayr, 1906
Little Tinamou ssp Crypturellus soui andrei Brabourne & Chubb, 1914
Eugène André (1861–1922) was a French writer and naturalist. He collected in Venezuela (1897–1900). He may have been in Trinidad (c.1915). His wrote: A Naturalist in the Guianas (1904)

The Key to Scientific Names
Eugène André (1861-1922) French naturalist, collector in Venezuela, Trinidad and the Guianas 1891-1900 (cf. Édouard François André (1840-1911) French botanist, collector in Ecuador) (subsp. Chaetura vauxi, subsp. Crypturellus soui, subsp. Dysithamnus mentalis, Taeniotriccus).

André; Eugene (1861-1922); Author, Explorer and Collector

Bibliography of Natural History Travel Narratives claims:
André, Eugène (1850–1922)
Eugène André is often confused with Édouard François André mentioned above; for example, in some sources he is erroneously credited with the discovery and introduction of Anthurium andraeanum....

So no idea if born 1850 or 1861. Maybe it will be solved here? I would say he was definetly in Trinidad (and not just may been). Death notice here
Andre, Eugene, collector of orchids and tropical plants, died December 30 at his home in Trinidad, West Indies, aged about 60. Mr. Andre had been a special collector of orchids for Sander & Sons, the European specialists, working chiefly in South America.
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Well its not impossible but his mother would have been 50 in 1861?
Anne Magdeleine Suzanne Caracciolo b. 3 Jan 1811 Trinidad and Tobago d. 7 Sep 1866 Trinidad and Tobago: Simon, Hurd, Dolan, and Related Families History .
In the OD it says bird given by Eugene to Tring but collected by Mr. Caracciolo. I think this was collector Henry Caracciolo (a cousin?) from Trinidad. Both collected birds for Rothschild.
https://digitallibrary.amnh.org/bit...pdfSource/bul/B257.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y .
Andre wrote a book about the trip he collected the swift.
The Caura .


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I am not sure that Eugene André whose father was Pierre Bélisaire André is our man, unfortunately. The attached record suggests this Joseph Eugene André died in 1902 in France. Based on the second document (attached here) an 1861/2 birth is likely for our man. He may be a grandson of Pierre Bélisaire André? Pierre Emile André was the son of Pierre Bélisaire André and a founding member of the Trinidad Scientific society in 1866. I am guessing our Eugene is his son but I can find no definitive proof of this idea. Interesting fact Anne Magdeleine Suzanne Caracciolo di Brienza wife of Pierre Bélisaire André was supposedly a relative (illegitimate granddaughter?) of Admiral Francesco Caracciolo who was 3rd Duke Caracciolo di Brienza who was famously hanged from the mast of the Minerva, following the orders of Nelson urged on by his mistress Emma Hamilton!


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I think your analysis makes sense. Mary LeCroy says "See Phelps (1945: 339) for information on H. Caracciolo. " Phelps, W.H. 1945 [1944]. Resumen de las collecciones ornithologicas hechas en Venezuela. Boletin de la Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales 61: 325–444.
This article is available here:
Documentos de la Colección Ornitológica Phelps - Colección Ornitológica Phelps (Fundación WH Phelps) .
Collector no. 12 is Eugene Andre and no. 13 is Henry Caracciolo. Andre's family came first to the new world in Virginia?
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So Henry Caracciolo (1859-1934) was Anne Magdeleine Suzanne Caracciolo di Brienza 2nd cousin once removed and hence Eugene André's 3rd cousin once removed if I have the relationships correct. It was Pierre Bélisaire André (1801-1891)'s father Jean Jacques Andre (about 1781 – 15 January 1852) who emigrated to Trinidad. I suspect this is "Virginia" in the pre 1776 sense (ie east of the Mississippi).


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Björn Bergenholtz

(former alias "Calalp")
"Our" Eugene André is/was also mentioned (without any years) in Steven L. Hilty's Birds of Venezuela (Second edition 2003), in the introductory text History of Ornithological Exploration in Venezuela.

... Eugene André collected at least 1600 bird specimens between 1897 and 1901, as well as orchids, butterflies, and mammals. Most of his specimens went to the Rothschild Collection, but on André’s last expedition, in 1901, six men died and all of André’s specimens were lost in an accident at a falls on the upper Río Caura. ...


A Photo of him (below), from here.

E. André.jpg

Also compare with the Photo/s found in/on A naturalist in the Guianas (1904), by Eugène André himself (with a preface by. Dr. J. Scott Keltie); here, alt. here, here, or here. Full volume in BHL, here (on the Title Page the Author's was given/typed as: "Eugène André, F.R.G.S.. F.Z.S., M.S.A."

He's as well, just like Mark pointed out in post #2, the Author of The Caura; a narrative of a journey up the Caura river. With a map, and accompanied by a portfolio containing 29 plates illustrative of the trip (Trinidad, printed at the "Mirror office", 1902). Hathi trust entry here, though only with limited access "Public Domain in the United States, Google-digitized".

Either way, hopefully of some use/help?



PS. When he was born? I haven't got a clue ...
He's not one of "my guys", I've never heard about him prior to this thread.
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Björn Bergenholtz

(former alias "Calalp")
Below is the first part of a local Death notice, published in The Port-of-Spain Gazette (Trinidad), on Friday, 31st of December 1922, (here , on p.12, the first part of it attached below). Note the sentence/Phrase: He "was born in Trinidad and had he been spared to see Thursday next would have attained his 61st birthday."

The Port-of-Spain Gazette, 31 Dec. 1922.jpg

That it's about "our guy" is crystal clear from the rest of it ...

The Port-of-Spain Gazette, 31 Dec. 1922, Part2.jpg

... and onwards.

Re. his Birth (if this text is correct, of course), if he would have turned 61 on the first Thursday, in the first week of January 1923, ... well, just do your Math.


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laurent raty
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society ("F.R.G.S."): The Geographical Journal
Fellow of the Zoological Society ("F.Z.S."): List of fellows : Zoological Society of London : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Member of the Society of Arts ("M.S.A."): Journal of the Society for Arts, Vol. 52, no. 2663 on JSTOR

Also: Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society: The Meteorological Magazine

In the World Who's who in Science: A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Scientists from Antiquity to the Present, Volume 2, 1968
https://books.google.com/books?id=CZNNAQAAIAAJ&q="André eugene"
we get:
ANDRÉ, Eugene, naturalist; b. Trinidad, Jan. 3,
1861; ed. St Mary’s Coll., Port-of-Spain, Trinidad;
collected orchids, Maturin, also Cumana, Venezuela,
1893; collected orchids for Tring Mus., Caura River,
Venezuela, 1897, 1900-01; founded nursery Port-of-
Spain; also collected insects, birds. Author: A Natu-
ralist in the Guaianas, 1904. Died Dec. 30, 1922.

If 1862 rather than 1861, then quite a few writers had it wrong (incl., also, Phelps in 1944).


laurent raty
Minor comment: If he died (in the early morning) on the 30th December, with the death note published the day after, on Friday the 31st of December (New Years Eve), I would think that the next following Thursday ought to be the 6th of January, wouldn't it?

Actually, the journal page is (a bit confusingly, I admit) dated to "FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1922. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1922."

The 31st of December 1922 was indeed a Sunday, and as Paul noted the first Thursday of 1923 was the 4th of January.

Björn Bergenholtz

(former alias "Calalp")
Below is the first part of a local Death notice, published in The Port-of-Spain Gazette (Trinidad), on Friday, 31st of December 1922, ...
Ought to have been:
Below is the first part of a local Death notice, published in The Port-of-Spain Gazette (Trinidad), on Sunday, 31st of December 1922, ...

See the Front Page:

31 Dec. 1922.jpg

My error. Sorry .... :rolleyes:

Thank's Paul & Laurent, for pointing it out (i.e. that he died on Saturday 30 Dec. 1922).


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laurent raty
Laurent, just curious, what reference/Paper is Phelps "1944" ... ?

The same as in Mark's post #4 above.

(I took the date from the paper itself (at Documentos de la Colección Ornitológica Phelps - Colección Ornitológica Phelps (Fundación WH Phelps) ), without actually noticing that it was emended to 1945 in Mark's post. It's in the Nov-Dec 1944 issue of the journal. But, indeed, as it cites a paper, on p. 427, which appeared in the previous issue of the same journal, and is presented there as published in Jun 1945, it must have been issued later.)

Björn Bergenholtz

(former alias "Calalp")
Thanks, Laurent, but note that Phelps in that Paper didn't tell us more than the years (of Birth and Death) of Mr André, no exact dates.

To me, this far, from what I've seen (most of it in this thread) I wouldn't dare to say more than; born in early January, in either 1861, or -62.

Keep digging!

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