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Shorebirds ID from Sanibel, Florida (1 Viewer)


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Last week I visited JN Ding Darling NWR, in Sanibel Island, SW Florida, and, as expectedm I am struggling to identify the shorebirds spotted there. I'd appreciate some help on them!

1 - (center of the pic, among the Semipalmated Plovers). My best guess is Least Sandpiper, especially because of the size.

2 - (behind the Plover). Is it IDable? Another Least Sandpiper?

3 & 4 - (two different birds). My first guess was Greater Yellowlegs, but bill seems too short for me, especially in #4.

5 - (two birds in the center). Lesser Yellowlegs?


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#1 - yep, Least Sand; note yellowish legs as well as small size. Also a Willet at the back as well as the Semi-p Plovers.


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Thanks a lot for the help, guys!

I've got two more I could use some further help with:

#6 - Dunlins?

#7 - Another Greater Yellowlegs?


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lou salomon

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difficult, but i think not. pale base seems to be restricted to the proximal-most part of the bill (like in the other bird behind), apparent size difference can well be a stance or photo effect, bill just looks very delicate to me, no deep base.

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