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My brain has shorted out today. All these darn shorebirds look the same to me. Bird overload I suppose. All were seen today at the Del Rel Lagoon.

First bird I think (hope) is a winter Red Knot. This one would be a life bird. I know the bird was at the lagoon today, so I'm hoping I have the ID right.

Second photo is bird I originally thought was the Knot, but now I don't think it is.

Third photo is above bird with a Black-bellied Plover for size and shape comparison.

Fourth & fifth have me stumped. I'm sure it's either a winter Dunlin or a dowitcher.


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dan pointon

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1st bird is a Willet.

2nd and 3rd is indeed a Red Knot.

4th and 5th is a Dowitcher species, though im not sure which, will take a stab at Short Billed as I think there is slight decurvature of the beak, the supercil appears arched and the forehead steep, for what that's worth!
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1 'Western' Willet
2 Red Knot
3 Black-bellied Plover and Red Knot
4-5 Short-billed Dowitcher, mainly by the overall slim attenuated shape of the bird, a Long-billed looks like it has 'swallowed a grapefruit' most of the time. Also just the general feel/jizz of the bird.


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4 & 5 look very much like a Short-billed Dowitcher. Here is a picture of a LBDO. Notice how much straighter the bill looks. Agree with the others.


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Thanks guys.

The fog in my brain finally cleared when I got to work. I was looking at a field guide I keep at my desk and realized "duh" that photo one was a Willet.

Glad to know my first instinct in the field was right regarding the Red Knot.

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