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Short review of the Meopta Optika HD 10x42 (1 Viewer)

Rob from Texas

Well-known member
For $285 USD, I now own the Meopta Optika 10x42. After three weeks with it, here are my impressions:

(Keep in mind, my control and contrast pairs are my 10x32 Meopta Pro and Viper Vortex 10x42 MIJ)

Positives of the Meopta Optika 10x42:

One of the sharpest sweet spots I have owned. Contrast and fine focus are outstanding. The more I challenged it, the more it excelled. I like the color renditions. Very true and easy to pick up details and contrast without being superficial.

The build is robust and handsome without being bulky. The armor is a medium-thin firm rubber with fine stipples for grip. It is a flat green that blends nicely with the outdoors. This is a fairly compact and dense binocular. You get the feeling that were you to drop it on the sidewalk, only the concrete may crack. ;)

The eyecups are a comfortable, semi-soft rubber with 3 click stops, and are very firm with no wiggle or collapsing.

The center hinge is only about 1.5 inches long, so that leaves a lot of room for holding the lower barrels. The hinge setting is firm, it won't wander away on you.

The focus wheel is wildly slotted for finger/glove purchase but smooth in movement. (There is a slight wiggle in focus as you first touch it.)


The FOV for the 10x42 is only 6 degrees. Geez, this is tight. You will notice that immediately.

The fantastic sweet spot is not very expansive. The views get a bit fuzzy as you roll to the edges. In the wrong lighting , you can just make out a slight haze around the final edge of the view. In a wider FOV, this might not even be noticeable or distracting, however in a 6 degree FOV, it is rather apparent.

The harness-strap studs have very sharp corners. I'm pretty sure they would have opened a can of tuna in a pinch situation. I honed mine off a bit to mute the sharpness.

That's all the negatives I could find. Overall, I still really like them. They are a go-to pair for sharpness and resolution. Also, I think addressing the small FOV, this could be relieved a bit by buying the 8x42 model. At least, that's my educated guess.

For an optical tool, I rate this pair a 7.
For $285 USD, I rate it a 9.


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