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Should I return used Snypex Knight ED 8x50? (1 Viewer)



I’m mainly an astronomer but I thought I'd ask the experts on binoculars for some advice!

I have just received my first pair of binoculars from BH Photo. Used Snypex Knight ED 8x50. These were marked as 9+ (little or no sign of use). However, when I received them the left barrel was dirty (see photo). I used a brush to clear the debris and then the included microfibre cloth to clean the ocular. Unfortunately there was still dust/ debris which is clearly internal (next photo). Should I return these? I understand that dust is inevitable at some point but since these were rated 9+ and came with a very dirty ocular I’m worried more issues may show up and I only have two days to report this.

I should add this isn’t affecting my view which I think is good although I have nothing to compare it against. However, the used cost was only $50 less than new price and I’ve also just found out I will not have the manufacturer 25 year warranty.

Thanks for helping!



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internal dust is not really inevitable for a waterproof instrument. Do you have a reason for getting a pair of dedicated night bins with the usual penalty in weight and field of view over a pair of 8x42 - in that size you get a lot more choice...



Old Berkshire Boy
To answer your question, yes. I would take the matter up with the seller and ask for your money back. You might have to pay for the return postage though. A 9+ should not have internal specks at all, depends whether you can see them when viewing or not. But obviously you're not fully happy with them are you?


Bino repair man
As the binocular is sealed, how did the dust get in?
or is the internal anti reflection paint deteriorating?
I recommend you send it back for a refund and claim for the postage
as the item is clearly not as described.


Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. I came to the conclusion you are all suggesting and have emailed BH Photo about a refund. When I commented about dust being inevitable that was speaking from a perspective of unsealed telescopes. I now understand this weather sealing unit should inhibit dust getting in too. So either it was introduced during the manufacturing process or the seal has been breached. Either way it’s not as described you all rightly point out.

I haven’t fully tested the optics but there seems to be a level of CA that I wouldnt expect in an apo lens design as the manufacturer claims, so I’m not entirely happy. Perhaps I would have overlooked either on their own since it was a good price but not now.

The reason I plumped for the 50mm was partly price and partly for extra aperture for night viewing. My primary purpose is actually for stargazing in Hawaii this summer and then for general use at night and during the day.

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board. Happy to take any suggestions you may have! Budget no more than ~£500 ($600)


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I agree that an 8 x 50 for astronomy is a perfect spec for sky gazing at night and a good all rounder during the day. Good luck.


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I would certainly get something waterproof in Bergen.

If you are going up the mountain to the observatory in Hawaii, enjoy the sky.

Maybe get something different that people here advise is good.

I like Sissel a lot.


The Snypex Knight 8x50 seems remarkably cheap new. I would not expect very high quality at that price.
ED glass means different things to different people.
There can be few APO binoculars. Perhaps a Takahashi 22x60.
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You’re right there B! Bergen will be a real test of any waterproof bins!

Yes, I will be going up to the observatory and also plan some astro imaging there. Can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a trip!

Yes, I agree on the face of it they seem too cheap for quality ED optics, however they still cost ~$500 at most other retailers. Seemed to me the ‘sale’ was to make way for the new model (D- ED) Snypex released. I guess it’s rare to get such a good deal on high quality binoculars even if there is a new model incoming.

I have a Tak, didn’t know they made binoculars too!


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The Takahashi 22x60 is fairly rare now, but heavy as a binocular. I think actually two 22x60 scopes together. I don't have one.
Living in a country with mountains you are probably used to heights. I drove up a mountain near you and there was thick snow at about 6,000ft. The lakes were still ice covered. July or August. Four of us in a 1962? Austin Mini. Amazing trip. Turning around was to say the least hazardous.
The maps were wrong with villages on the other side of Fjords, perhaps 100km plus distance. I think these maps were still deliberately wrong in 1962.

However, regarding height, some have used oxygen bottles at the 4200 metre Hawaii observatories although I have no idea if this is safe. This is to see fainter stars and deep sky objects.

The Snypex 8x50 may be O.K. new if you don't expect too much.
Others here may suggest something better.

The Youtube of Sissel and Kalle Moraeus, the violinist is really funny.

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I see they are collectors items now. They look like beasts!

That must have been some trip, in an Austin Mini too! Sounds like you may have been at Jostedalsbreen, north of Bergen in Sognefjorden? Could also have been Folgefonna. That’s the two glaciers nearest Bergen. Norway hadn’t discovered the black gold at that point, so was still a relatively poor country. I’m sure you would be amazed at the change now.

I believe the visitor centre is ok but on the way up to the observatory it’s not uncommon to get altitude sickness. I have spoken to BH and they are taking it back and covering postage so that is good. They seem like a good retailer. I’m still on the hunt.

I’m not aware of that video. I’ll check it out!


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Hi Ice sheet,
I have the Barr and Stroud Savannah 12x56ED which I like. Someone else here got one but says it is not as good as a more expensive 12x56. I accept that.
It is also made in 10x56 and 8x56.
I think on Optical Vision Ltd site.
Also look at Opticron, they have great service.

I stupidly walked on the glacier and could have fallen through one of the many holes to be found perfectly preserved in 100,000 years.

On another Norway trip in a very early 1071cc 1963 Mini Cooper S, my friend and I were very tired and fell asleep on a granite rock overlooking a wonderful scenic fjord in glorious sunshine.
I woke up and found two beautiful angels sitting near us just letting us sleep. I nudged my friend.
We had parked in their back garden not realising it was private property. They gave us drinks and food. My friend's angel knitted him a beautiful sweater over the winter and posted it to him in England.

The only time I ever fell asleep at the wheel was overnight on a very long lone Norway trip. Luckily I woke up unscathed. Austin 1800.
I was also told the petrol station was 6 miles. It was 6 Norwegian miles i.e. 60 km. I coasted many miles down the plateau before waiting for the station to open at 6 a.m.

England left, Norway right, Sweden left, Finland right, Sweden left, Denmark right, England left. Ah the joys of 1960s driving.

The view over Geiranger fjord is the most beautiful I have seen. It is now billed as the most beautiful view in the world. From Dalsnibba?
I did a 10,000km road trip to Hammerfest on the most awful roads I have ever seen, and am a very early Polar Bear club member with certificate. I almost got eaten by Arctic Skuas, maybe, when I put a loaf of bread out.

The Norwegian hotels had thick ropes for guests to climb down the outside of 6 floors in a fire. Norwegians are tough.

I hope you find a suitable binocular. There are many options.


An 8x50 binocular should show Titan at elongation.
I am not sure if the Gegenschein is visible at this time of the year. I forgot to look for it on La Palma. Comet Halley was best seen in my Celestron 20x80.
My ZLM was mag 7.2 at 7,900 ft. The zodiacal band was bright despite Saharan dust in the air.
I am still waiting for a report of an unaided sighting of Neptune. I think it should be possible with exceptional eyesight.
I think that young aboriginal Australians would see it.
Uranus is very easy unaided eyes in a dark site.
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Just to update you all, and thank you for your suggestions.

I decided to take a trip into my local photography/ optics shop and speak to the owner who I know is pretty knowledgeable. I brought the Snypex with me and we tried out various bins. Managed to get my hands on the Zeiss Victory and Swarovski EL range which was great! Really gave me a reference point for high end optics in binoculars. The 42mm aperture plus was way out my price range but I was completely taken by the Zeiss Victory and Swarovski CL 8x25 to the point that I was close to just buying one of them! However, I chatted to the owner about my needs and to cut a long story short I walked out with the Zeiss Terra 8x25 and an Opticron Imagic 7x50 Porro (The 10x v 7x debate was discussed but I have quite dark skies and Hawaii obviously will so I should get the benefit of the larger exit pupil).

These didn't quite match up to the Vicotory or CL/EL range but they both easily out punched the Snypex and I got them both for just over the price of the Snypex (once import costs were condsidered), so couldn't be happier. I now have two bins that will cover me for a range of situations.

Just to add I only came here for specific advice regarding this but I may just stay to listen to the stories of Binastro and the helpful advice you all offer!

Thanks again!


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I am very pleased icesheet that you found what you want locally.
It really is important to use local shops.

I presume that your eyes open up to maybe 6mm or 7mm in a dark place.
I observed generally from light pollution but sometimes dark sites.
Personally, I prefer 10x50 or 12x50 rather than 7x50.
But 7x50s or even 10x80s have their advocates.
Russian or Soviet 7x50 Porroprisms can be good, but don't have the best coatings.

Anyway, enjoy your trip to Hawaii and your astronomy in Bergen. At least when it isn't raining, :)



Thanks B, looking forward to it!

I haven't any hard measurements but I'm still in the 6-7mm range by age statistically, so hopefully I will be making use of it!

Let me know if you are ever in Bergen again!


Well, to update this thread (and also lay some blame at the feet of this forum ;)) it seems I haven't quite yet finished in my search... and I've chewed a good way into my budget for a new astrophotography mount in the process!

When I got home, the Opticron just weren't the same binocular that I had looked through at the shop. Such a narrow FOV and for the first time I could associate with the 'tunnel view' I've read about here. They also had a fairly small sweet spot so they had to go back. I actually ended up picking a up what seems like a good deal on a new pair of Pentax ZD 10x50 ED on amazon for a little over £450. Initial impressions are fairly good. I didn't get the 'wow' factor I did from the EL's but I could appreciate that these were better than average optics. They also have a fairly narrow FOV but it's pretty sharp to the edge at least. There is also more CA than I would expect in an ED glass but they are probably worth the £450 I paid. I don't think I would buy at full price though.

However, they may not stay either as I found a deal on a used 2015 model 8.5x42 EL SV that I couldn't pass up. The only way I would consider it is if I could be sure they would give me something more over the Swarovski under the stars. Unfortunately there are no stars to be seen this far north in the middle of summer.

So my initial budget has been blown completely out of the water, so I just wanted to thank you all :)
With the investment I have now made I might actually have to take up bird watching too!
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