Since I Left Millstreet In Duhallow

It has been many years since I left Millstreet in Duhallow
To travel far south my life's dreams for to follow
Yet I'm poorer than ever and far off of glory
Though like all others to tell I too have a life story.

In fancy on Clara in July's warm weather
I eat ripened whortleberries the blue fruits of the heather
The skylark above me towards the cloud World is winging
The mountain air full of his beautiful singing.

On a stone midst the stream that babbles to the river
The white breasted dipper his song does deliver
His kind swim underwater in search of tiny life forms
They sing before rain and they sing in the storms.

Far from old friends and family in this Land of the great Southern ocean
Of making a name for myself I had this silly notion
From the old ties that bound me to Millstreet I choose for to sever
But my life's destiny has left me poorer than ever.