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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Slash's Ship List 2010 (1 Viewer)

Matelot birder

World traveller courtesy of the RN, Hants lister,
Last year I did a big Hants bird list. As I am in the Royal Navy this year I will be away a fair bit, so I thought I would do a 2010 Ship List. This will be birds that I see from my ship, whether I am in Portsmouth or if I am abroad or indeed in the middle of the Atlantic. Who knows what will turn up. I wont set myself a target but 50 to start would be good. Hopefully photos will be included for all those gems that land onboard.
To start with a quick look across Portsmouth harbour, produced one species

1 - Black-headed Gull

More to follow soon as we are off to sea on Wednesday

Three Amigo's Blog
Alongside the wall in Portsmouth Dockyard yesterday and there was a bit more gull movement around one of the ferries stiring up the sea bed.

2 - Common Gull
3 - Great Black-backed Gull
4 - Herring Gull
5 - Great Cormorant

We will be at sea from now on, so hopefully some pelagic specialities soon

Three Amigo's Blog
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A great day yesterday. I was carrying out ceremonial on the flight deck, so stood facing the flag at attention. I heard a raptor calling above and sheepishly looked up to see a male

11 - Peregrine

pass food too a female. The male soared off and the female followed, slowly manoovering the catch in her talons.
Five minutes later I heard another family call and a single

12 - Pied Wagtail

landed on the jetty.

Three Amigo's Blog
Today at sea, I spent half an hour looking out over a very calm English Channel.
During this time I had about thirty

13 - Guillemot

all sitting quitely on the sea, slowly moving away or diving as we approached.
A party of six

14 - Gannet

then flew by, all adults. Both these species are very common at sea off the
coast of the UK.

Three Amigo's Blog
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Today was spent at a new berth in Plymouth and this morning whilst returning over the gangway a single

16 - Canada Goose

Flew over my head, honking all the way.
Later two more flew over, heading in the same direction.

Three Amigo's Blog
Today, whilst at sea, I caught with a bird that I really expected to have had a while ago. Flying with a group of nine Guillemots, were two

17 - Razorbill

Also around were a few Common and Herring Gulls and a good number of Gannets. Loads of Guillemots were also sat on sea, swimming off as we approached.

Three Amigo's Blog
I'm not sure how I missed this one but whilst on the upper deck today, just off the coast of Plymouth I saw one of these.

18 - Fulmar

These are a common bird at sea but I have had very little opportunity to take time out for some sea watching. Hopefully that will change when we deploy latert this year.

Three Amigo's Blog
The ship is once again alongside in Portsmouth and today I could see a large mud bank in the middle of Portsmouth Harbour. Although far away I could make out some of the larger birds frequenting.

19 - Brent Goose
20 - Little Egret
21 - Eurasian Curlew

Three Amigo's Blog
The ship is once again at sea and on it's way to do various exercises. At the moment we are still in the English Channel
This morning I had a few birds such as Gannets, Guillemots and a single Fulmar. Today I want to put a non bird on the blog so I wont give this one a number

Common Dolphin

As I ventured onto the upper deck, I heard a splash and three Common Dolphin were riding the wake on the portside. I watched them on and off for ten minutes or so.

Three Amigo's Blog
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An early evening visit to the Upper deck resulted in a few good finds. The ship disturbed a group of

22 - Manx Shearwater

and whislt I was watching them soaring and landing on the sea, they were further disturbed by a marauding

23 - Great Skua

flying above them. Shearwaters in numbers are always a fantastic sight at sea as they bank amongst the swell of the waves.

Three Amigo's Blog
My early morning walk around the upper deck with cup of tea in hand prodcued a few Gannets and eight Guillemots.
Also heard before seen were a couple of Warblers. Eventually one decided to fly into the ship's hangar and a few quick snaps were taken.
The tired but otherwise ok bird turned out to be a

24 - Chiffchaff

A good sign of migration with hopefully more to follow

Three Amigo's Blog
The internet has been down for a few days so I have two new birds seen over a couple of days. The day before yesterday I was talking on my mobile when a

25 - Eurasian Starling

flew over my head, I could not locate the bird again.
The next morning a

26 - Common Blackbird

was onboard but once again it was only a fleeting glimpse and could not be re-located. That afternoon a group of 25+

27 - Lesser Black-backed Gull

were flying around the ship and all settled together on the sea at one point.

Three Amigo's Blog
Yesterday we spent the early evening at anchor just off the coast of North-west Scotland, as we were only 300 metres or so from shore I had an excellent opportunity to add a few birds. In the end I had five new species for my Ship List.

26 - Greylag Goose

two pairs seen flying over settlement.

27 - Eider

Several small groups around the Loch

28 - Black Guillemot

A least one pair diving near the ship

29 - Rock Dove

This is a lifer for me. Two birds sitting on the side of a small rocky outcrop.

30 - Hooded Crow

Three individuals seen over the land.

Three Amigo's Blog
Today we are off Northern Scotland and the weather has changed a little for the worse after some glorious sunshine and calm seas last week.
This week has been about Guillemots and Fulmars (see blog below)
but today I had the fantastic sight of a

31 - Puffin

on the sea and then later another struggling to take flight and avoid the ship as it advanced towards it.

Also seen at distance, was a Tern (sp) either a Common or an Arctic flying north. Like the fisherman said "one that got away"

Three Amigo's Blog
I had a call today telling me that a little birds was in the ship's hanagar.
I arrived to find a

32 - Willow Warbler

Flying up and down the lengt of the hangar, constantly calling.
Eventually it flew off to the North.

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Today we left Portsmouth Harbour for our deployment.
I took 20 minutes prior to sailing to scan across the harbour.
A large group of gulls and terns were feeding along a channel and I picked up the two most common terns that visit our shores in the summer.
I also saw a single hirundine which appeared in my bins as I scanned the seabird flock.

33 - Sandwich Tern

34 - Common Tern

35 - Barn Swallow

We are now leaving UK waters so the other summer visitors will probably have to wait until later in the year.

Three Amigo's Blog
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The ship entered the eastern edge of the Atlantic this morning so I got up early with the hope of finding some evidence of migration.
I wasn't dissapointed as I found not one but two,

36 - Northern Wheatear

These proved to be a male and a female, both looking tired but hopefully ok.

Three Amigo's Blog


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