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Small brown bird in Montreal, Canada, September (1 Viewer)


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Hey everyone!
I just downloaded Audubon and Merlin ID a few weeks ago and I've been happy a lot of fun. Never really looked at birds before. Just got a monocular too so that I can have more fun !
So, there are only a handful of species around my apartment (ring billed gull, crow, and LOTS of song sparrows), but this morning a fourth made its appearance.
It's a bit bigger than the sparrows, has a longer, straight beak, and is a little fat. When it sings, I can see throat hairs stand out. What stumps me is the beak and the thorough black and white spotting on the belly, with some on the back as well on the half closest to the head.
I took a pic with my cellphone and monocular, it's really the best I could do. The beak isn't shown, but it's closer to piper than to sparrow.
Halp plz! :)
It's got a 0.5 second high whistle call, definitely longer than my sparrows and without vibrations.
I really couldn't see any special colour. It's also got a song reminiscent of mourning doves, 3 notes, but very short. The hermit thrush is similar, but the black is not nearly as prominent. I think the closest I'm getting right now is Swainson thrush 's high whine . I'm stuck!
Thank you all
Thanks in advance!


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