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Not me but you have my interest. I was thinking of something very similar for some family situations I have run into. My idea was to add some type of lens/optic to my Iphone via a specialized case. I was doing much the same thing with a Carson Iphone/binocular adapter and an Opticron monocular. The monocular's 8x magnification was a bit much but it was closer to what I needed than just the Iphone itself. My thought was that a compact 3x-4x lens would probably do the trick. Glad to see some companies are already looking into this.


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By the looks of it, zeiss have released these lenses. They must be new?

Sadly they are no use to me as I have a Samsung :-C

Certainly something of interest to me if zeiss decide to make them for samsung and others.


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The iPhone7 plus has 2 built-in lenses, a 30mm-equivalent wide-angle and a 60mm-equivalent normal lens. Are there optical attachments available for increasing the latter's focal length, does anyone here know?

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