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Snipe & Harrier - Panjin, Liaoning, China (1 Viewer)

Owen Krout

Registered User
A couple of new species for me May 5, 2020, so looking for confirmation. Panjin, Liaoning, China - Marshy areas adjacent to the Shuangtaizi River.

First what looks to be a Pin-Tailed Snipe The paler color than the Common Snipe I have been seeing and a pale crown stripe was visible through binoculars.

Secondly a possible Pied Harrier. Considerably paler than the typical Hen H. I have seen around here.


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    Pin-Tailed Snipe.jpeg
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    Pin-Tailed Snipe (1).jpeg
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The snipe is interesting - the overall pale colour, especially on the wing coverts - fits some of my expectation of Latham's and structurally the tail seems a bit longer than I expect for Pintail/Swinhoe's. I have seen confusingly pale Common Snipe in the past though.

I realise Latham's would be an unusual record in Liaoning, and I have never seen this species so I'm definitely not saying it is one. But I'm raising it as a species that may need consideration, and I'd be very interested in other opinions on this bird.

Owen Krout

Registered User
johnallcock, Latham's would be a rarity here and as such I think it falls under needing strong reason to claim it. That being said, no, I didn't include LS as a possible, but I do see your point now that I look at it. However combining the mediocre photos with what I could make out in the binoculars, I still find the Pin-Tailed to match better. I have been seeing quite a few Common Snipe lately and the only reason for the photos was just that this just looked different enough to be worth looking over later. Particular points in the pale ocher median stripe on the head and the lack of any distinct barring on the wings. Wings seemed to be quite dark with white crescents showing on the feather tips. Tail seems quite dark ruddy colored with no clear white terminal.

I'm always glad to hear from anyone who is more of an expert on these.

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