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Some additional etymological information – Part VIII (1 Viewer)


laurent raty
So he was at the University of Paris to make his doctor.
Note that Achille Richard's dedication makes them both doctors:
Memoriae Richard Quartin Dillon et Antonii Petit doctorum e facultate medicinae parisiensi.
= "To the memory of Richard Quartin Dillon and Antoine Petit doctors from the Parisian faculty of medicine".

That they were doctors of medicine is also indicated on the title pages of the various volumes of Voyage en Abyssinie exécuté pendant les années 1839, etc., e.g., this one -
A. PETIT et QUARTIN-DILLON, Docteurs-Médecins, Naturalistes du Muséum

If correct, then could this (1836) be him ?
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laurent raty
Petit published this in 1839.
(See the footnote on the first page, which states he is a young doctor and has been sent to Abyssinia; this publication is referenced as his ("notre Mémoire spécial"), in the "Notes médicales du docteur A. Petit", in the second volume of Voyage en Abyssinie, exécuté pendant les années 1839, etc., here.)

This (Nov 1838), stating that he was soon to go to Abyssinia, and that he had been to Naples a year before, is also about him.

As a consequence, this (Aug 1837), stating that he had departed to Naples, is certainly about him as well. (Note that this also states that he was a former intern of Paris hospitals, which matches the author of 1836 thesis I linked above.)
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Yes thats a good question Mark. I have encountered this addition of a surname a couple of times with Portuguese

This website gives heaps of extra info. His thesis was submitted three years after A-H Petit.

However I now wonder if the family got the parents right...

This couple seems much more likely to be the parents. Perhaps he was brought up or adopted by his uncle after.his mother died in childbirth and Edward Dillion died in 1825. This does make you wonder who the "father" disputing the will in the other record actually was. Assume all these documents are available online.

If only we could find Petits birth. Just a simple mention of his town of birth (i.e. "Parisienne") would at least clinch him...
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If Dr. Gissot was Petit's Mother's brother that name is mostly from the Pyrenees?
Gibraltar is the most likely place to be from having a Spanish surname melded with a British surname.


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I have now seen Edward Dillions will. He and his "loving wife" apparently died without issue. He gave all his worldly goods to his wife (who was still alive) and his nieces and nephews. I believe that Dr Quartin-Dillon was the legitimate son of Pedro (E)manuel QUARTIN and probably attached his name to Dillons to honour his uncle's memory and keep the family name "alive" about 1837 when Maria Ana died and left all her money to him! As you can see in the website links attached the family was Portuguese and French and most were born in Gibraltar - hence the ability of Quartin-Dillon to learn medicine at the Sorbonne. Dillon's aristocratic Roman Catholic family were also massive Francophiles.


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laurent raty
about 1837 when Maria Ana died
I think quite likely 9 Feb 1837 in Paris (11th Arrondissement) here, 47/51.
Her residence in 1826 was in Paris according to the text that follows the transcription of Edward's will. ("APPEARED personally Mary Ann Dillon of Paris but formerly of St Mary Axe in the parish of St Andrew under Shaft London and late of the city of Lisbon" [...] On the first day of April 1826 said Mary Ann Dillon was duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit".)
I assume it is conceivable that Quartin-Dillon stayed at her place while he was studying ?

I was a bit intrigued by "Richard Lion Quartin" appearing (as a witness, if I'm reading this word correctly) on the will... But the Geneanet website also lists a "Ricardo Leon Quartin" among Marie Anne's siblings, so I presume this may have been him. ("Our" Richard Léon should not have been in age to sign a testament in 1816.)

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