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Some questions about American Robins (1 Viewer)


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United States
Hello everyone, I am very new to birdwatching and this is the first time I've been able to observe Robins up close from a birdhouse of sorts in my backyard.

I have some specific questions about their behaviors as well as some things I should/shouldn't do when observing them.

Some information beforehand: The birdhouse is about 5 feet high about about 15 feet away from my kitchen window. There are currently 3 nestlings in the nest right now which hatched about 4.5 days ago. I do not have a camera on the nest, so I was walking up to it to take some photos, which I have since stopped doing so as not to disturb them.

My questions are:
- Will it disturb them to mow my lawn? My lawn is far overdue for a cut, but I really don't want to make the parents abandon the nest.

- Will they abandon the nest if they see me watching them too much from inside my home? I've read elsewhere online Robins may abandon their nest if they think they're being watched too much by a predator.

- Are they able to tell that I am not a predator and am friendly toward them? I have never done anything to attract them there aside from leaving the birdhouse in the yard, and I always try to never disturb the mother when she's in the nest.

- The day after the eggs hatched I arrived home to find a large Crow on top of the birdhouse poking its head near the nest. I chased the crow off the birdhouse and along with one of the robins, chased it away when it circled around. My question is: Is it possible that the Robins recognized this act of kindness and protection from me toward them and their young, or am I silly to think that they would perceive it that way?

Thanks in advance, I know these may be sort of odd questions, but I appreciate any feedback! 😺

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