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Sony A7RIII weather sealing (1 Viewer)


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Something to consider for sure - Sony doesn't claim waterproof-ness on the A7RIII but it has seals for some weather protection - just not as good as full-sealed pro bodies. The test isn't what I'd call a 'light' rain test - that hose is dropping serious water on those cameras! I've shot in light rain before and had even non-sealed bodies get wet, to no harm - just take logical precautions to try to keep them dry, dry them off by blotting as soon as possible afterwards, and if shooting in really foul weather, a cheap rain sleeve can do the trick on any camera.
As to the RX series - I think they are a little more fortified than the A7RIII. I have the original RX10 and it has gotten quite wet - no ill effects. Last month, my A6300 and Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens got drenched on a wet ride - water literally dripping off the bottom of both - no ill effects...I dried it off within a few minutes.
I think the main area where the A7Riii failed in that test was through the battery door at the bottom, which is not very well sealed - the test had the cameras lying on a flat table, with water splashing up from the table to the bottoms of the cameras, and if that's the Sony's weak point, the test would certainly find it. In real world shooting, it's much less likely water would be coming up at the bottom of the camera that forcefully - unless you were carrying it upside down...some gaffer tape at the battery door would also help make it more resistant at that weak point.


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Agreed on all points - and I generally don't let my camera get anywhere near that wet either if I can avoid it. Just thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

I am somewhat surprised they didn't have any worse lens issues with any of the lenses. I wonder what would happen if they did that with lenses that had seen a few years of intense use, I would guess they might have all leaked like sieves...
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