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Sony DSLR A200 or Canon Powershot SX10 IS (1 Viewer)

Mike Jarvis

Well-known member
Last year I lost my Canon Powershot S3IS (in a taxi in Hong Kong) and bought a Sony A200 twin lense kit. I love the camera but the lenses are very ordinary. The 75-300 doesn't get as photos as sharp as the Canon used too. And despite being a huge lense, is only effectively as 7 times zoom compared with the 12 times zoom the Canon gave me. I would love to get a 50-500 Sigma and x2 tele-converter to get me a 20x reach... but the $2000+ is out of my reach.

I'm considering selling the Sony and buying a Canon Powershot SX10 IS which has a 20x zoom (around $750 in Australia).

I would appreciate any comments and opinions from birdwatchers with experience with either camera.



Well-known member
DSLR images can be disappointing coming from a compact, as the sharpening tends to be less on jpg, and non existant in raw - you really need to post process for best results. The Sony 70-300mm (non G) is a consumer grade zoom, so never going to be the best performer. Have been advised that the 70-300mm G, a cracking lens, can be had in some stores for about $650, or search ebay for the Minolta 100-400mm for extra length. I use the Tamron 200-500mm with my A300 and results are fine, but I do a small amount of post processing to get the best from the set up.



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I use the Alpha 700 and the Tamron 200-500mm lens. They give great results but I'd agree with carlj a bit of post processing is needed to get the best results. I add a bit of saturation and sharpening.

Mike Jarvis

Well-known member
Thanks for your comments all. I think I'll persevere with the A200, will work on my photographic skills and save up for a better lense.


Well-known member
It also came out well in this superzoom group test - http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q109superzoomgroup/ If I was in the market for a superzoom it's the one I'd go for, however I doubt that the image quality will be as good as your Sony DSLR can deliver, especially at higher ISOs.

I, too, doubt that any superzoom can deliver photos as good as those from your DSLR, particularly in poor lighting.

Another major factor to consider is that the Sony has much faster start-up and focusing speeds than any superzoom.

BTW, I use a Canon S3 and I absolutely love it EXCEPT that I miss an awful lot of shots because of the slow focusing speed.

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