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South Fla - Warblers/vireos, small flycatcher? (1 Viewer)


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Well the good news is: migration and wintering bird season kicked into high gear yesterday here in South Florida. The wetlands forest areas were saturated with birds by the hundreds, with dozens of species all mixed together...it was a surprisingly good day that started with 80% chance of rain, but ended up clear, dry, and sunny - and then discovering how near-fallout conditions had appeared which none of us expected!

Known and identified species yesterday in about 3 hours of shooting were red-eyed vireo, white eyed vireo, prairie warbler, palm warbler, black and white warbler, black-throated blue warbler, yellow-throated warbler, common yellowthroat, magnolia warbler, summer tanager, ovenbird, swainson's warbler, great crested flycatcher...you never had to leave one 50-foot stretch of forest trail to see all of these.

Unfortunately, there are always a few I can't quite identify - either I didn't get a great shot or look, or it was some kind of juvenile, or just some species look too darn similar at times! So I ended up with a few here I was hoping to get some ID's on. Some are good clear shots, others fleeting out-of-focus ones in the distance...but hopefully with enough detail or pattern to identify. All were shot around Green Cay wetlands in Delray Beach on the southeast coast of Florida, yesterday, Saturday 9/30/17.

1. Very high up, not a great shot:

2. Looked like a juvenile...I was thinking prairie or magnolia?:

3. Possibly the same bird as #2 - slightly better look:

4. Another juvenile? - he didn't quite look as busily patterned as the other:

5. This one I got a good shot of, but couldn't figure out what it was - I think it looks like some kind of flycatcher...but it's not a great crested, nor LaSagra's, which are the only two I've ever photographed. It wasn't right for eastern phoebe, and didn't look right for eastern wood peewee. Maybe least or acadian flycatcher?:


The Bird Nuts

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1. Black-throated Blue Warbler
2,3,4. Magnolia Warbler
5. I'll pass on this one because I have no experience with Acadians.


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Thanks on all so far. The only outlier I would like to get firm ID on is the last one now - the other 4 are all good IDs and I've got better shots of each of those elsewhere...but the flycatcher might be a new species for me, whether it's a least or acadian or something else. One ID leaning towards least so far - hopefully some others might have some idea?


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Acadian for me (probably 1st winter) based on greenish back, pale malar, yellowish eye-ring, yellowish double wingbar and long primary projection.


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Agree with Byronix on the flycatcher and the reasoning. Yellow-bellied, although rare in FL, is a candidate but the pale malar and good sized bill point towards an Acadian that is just more yellow than normal below.


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Thank you both. My initial guess while shooting was maybe a least flycatcher, but as I looked at the photos at home, the suspicions of Acadian started to creep in - but I really do not know flycatcher IDs well enough to know.

The additional yellowish look could also be somewhat due to the lighting as I was shooting in a very dense tree canopy with light heavily filtered through green, brown, and yellowish leaves...so even a bird with known whites can sometimes look slightly towards the green/yellow hue. I used to try to 'correct' this in post, but found it wasn't really true to the conditions and lighting where I witnessed the bird - I prefer to keep them looking just as how I saw them so I don't like to use flash or heavy post-processing.

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