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Elizabeth C.

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Hi all,

I reside here in South Florida, so I would love to accompany anyone who wishes to have someone tag along for a weekend or day trip for birding. I have been an avid avian photographer for the past 8 years, but I am looking to learn more about these animals without the burden of hauling my big camera rig around from someone who knows far more than I do especially concerning the migratory raptors and songbirds that pass through here.

If anyone is interested in making a new birding friend, please let me know! I am eager to learn more.



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Hi Elizabeth!

Hows the birding in South Florida?? Where in South Florida are you?

My girlfriend and myself are taking a road trip down to the Everglades. We will be in South Florida from about January 12 - 18 or so! We'd love to accompany you on a birding trip if you know of any good spots. I'm also interested in bird photography and I will be bringing my camera!

Take care!

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