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Sparrow in my Chickadee box! (2 Viewers)

Last year a sparrow got into my Chickadee/Nuthatch box and destroyed the eggs. The hole measures exactly 1-1/8". The local bird store said that sometimes a sparrow can just squeak in. Now, as I sit by my window I see a pair of sparrows at it again. The Chickadee chicks are just a day or two from fledgling, so I don't want to see them killed.
I'm considering making the hole a few millimetres smaller. Today's photo attached.
What do you think?
Calgary, AB


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Old Berkshire Boy
Disturbance now could mean the desertion of the nest by the feeding parents - they and the chicks will notice the activity and any change to the nestbox entrance, Leave alone, try to dissuade the Sparrows another way till the young fledge.
Yes, thanks Pat.
I've been shooing them away, but they are persistent. I think I'll watch a bit.
When I said I might make the hole a few mm smaller, I meant when I build the next box.:)
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Drill bits of greater than 1" usually go in 1/8" increments. So, 1" is too small, but is 1-1/8" (the next size up) actually the best for Chickadees? Perhaps something in between would be optimum for Chickadees in southern Alberta?
Thoughts anyone?

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