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im a ringer in the uk, ive used either jap nets or north ron nets in the past....currently looking at buying new nets....the bto is selling other makes such as spidertech, but they state they are 'thicker' than the jap/north ron nets...has anyone had experience of these?....whats the reality??.....
also....does anyone here in the uk purchase their nets anywhere other than the bto??.....
any help appreciated.....thanks....


looked on the bto website today and noticed that yet again they are out of stock on aluminium poles....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Kelvin Jones

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I have bough and used polish ecotone nets for a while now and find them excellent value for money. They have a wide selection of nets to cater for all types of birds. They are 5 shelf nets and slightly taller than North Ron, but have quite deep pockets. The 19mm mesh are brilliant for winter thrushes, with Blackbirds catching well and not running along the shelf and out, Song Thrushes and Redwing never have tight carpals.




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Hi Graham,

Yes, we use spidertech alongside others including n.ron and jap. We use them because they are tougher along hedges where they can get caught up in the wind. Disadvantages are that they are more likely to catch the wind, more visible and generally not such good catching nets for our main targets - finches and buntings. We also use them in a shed along a row of concrete pillars for catching houspa. Again this is because they are more resistant to damage.

If it weren't for our rather rough conditions, we would only use lighter fibre nets. We are buying new nets shortly and these will be one of the lighter varieties - an indication I suppose that the spiders are standing up well to the conditions as they don't need replaced.



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I use the spidertechs and they are fine. Slightly thicker than the norm which does allow corvids to use it as a ladder to escape! (not that i catch corvids on purpose, just an observation!)

Ade George

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I use all four of the nets being discussed (north ron, jap, ecotone and spidertec). They all have their positives apart from japs which i wont buy anymore. Ecotone are good value for money and the five shelves are good for catching. spidertechs are strong but only good with a background, north rons in my mind have the strongest of netting for the thickness. I think ecotone are probably the all round best but go through the ecotone website. Its a shame they are in the EU now as we have to pay 25% vat on top of those prices.

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