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Spotting Scope Suggestions (1 Viewer)

Hi all, this is my first post on BirdForum and I've found it to be such a useful source. I'm looking to buy my first spotting scope, and am seeking advice from you all. I'm a young birder and up until now haven't really had the need to use a spotting scope. I have just moved back home to Denmark and previously lived in Hong Kong, where the only time I needed a spotting scope was when I visited Mai Po (a brilliant nature reserve, would highly recommend it), there my dad and I could share his Swarovski ATX 85. Now, that I have moved back home, I would really like my own scope as my dad will be working a lot abroad and I won't have the chance to borrow his. Moreover, I think it will just be a good investment for me, as I really enjoy just getting out to a nature reserve or seabird watching, and really just enjoying nature.

From research on BirdForum, I've noticed that two scopes in particular stand out; the Meopta S2 82mm and the Kowa TSN 883. The Meopta has really stood out to me, and the two available eyepieces are really quite intriguing (Is there a tunnel vision effect on their eyepieces? I'm not fond of this as I feel the image becomes to small, and I am use to a large, bright image from the ATX). However, I know very little of this brand and I can't find any local dealers near me. The nearest I can find is a shop in Germany, but their website is in German and so is their communication system. Though their price is very appealing, I'm hesitant to go ahead with this as I can't test this scope and communicating with the dealer will be problematic. I've also found dealers online in the UK, etc. but am also hesitant as I may be fined quite heftily as tax in Denmark is very high, and they may charge me for products I have bought online. Where have Meopta S2 users purchased their scope? Now for the Kowa, another brilliant scope I'm sure, which can be purchased in a nature shop near me. However, I'm just cautious that the build quality may not live up to scopes such as the Swaros and other rubber bodied scopes. I know of some situations where people have dropped their 883s and they've been totalled. Customer service doesn't seem to live up to that of Swaro's either. These things are slightly drawing me away from the Kowa, despite the brilliant optics, and not to mention the high price point!

Finally, I just wanted to ask about the Kite KSP 80 HD with a 25-50x WA, and anyones experience with this scope. The nature shop near me has quite an interesting bundle including this scope, the Kite Ardea tripod and Manfrotto 128RC head, Kite Viato backpack and a Kite Skua case. This is still of course quite an expensive possibility, but the shop assistant sold it rather well, saying he knew of many who thought this scope lived up to the Swaro ATS 80mm and a 30 year warranty, brilliant customer service, and a maximum of about 200 USD if I totalled the scope where Kite would supply a completely new one. I'm very curios of this scope, as it seems like a very well thought out option and there is very little on BirdForum on this scope. Having tried it briefly in the shop, I really liked the ergonomics; helical focus felt familiar, good build quality. I can't say much on the optics as I briefly looked through it when indoors, but it seemed very sharp throughout the range (as did the Kowa's).

Apologies for this long post, and thanks in advance to any responses.
Kind Regards, Ben

delia todd

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Hi Ben and a warm welcome from me too.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I hope to hear about all the birds you see when out and about.
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia

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