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Starting in Colombia (1 Viewer)

Hello my name is Juan Antonio I´m born and rise in Colombia. To be honest I might have heard that our country is the richest in bird species but I would have forgotten about it or it was something that wasn´t on my mind. That´s probably quite disturbing coming from someone how´s about to obtain his biology major with a thesis on the birds of our family farm which in Colombia we call Hacienda. It´s around 900 hectares and covers the following habitats: ripary forest, secondary forest, paddock, arable reedbed "caña de azucar" and the riverside of the Cauca river. So I´ve working trying to identify species registering them for about a month ago. The last week has been the most productive one I´ve working from 6:00 Am to 9:30 Am everyday in a different habitat. I´am using a field guide identification handbook, e-bird, xeno-canto and other web material to identify and register the species I´ve found. The reason why I decided to join is because I would like to get more support in the identification process specially with audio and blurry images, I would like pretty much to share my experiences and grow as a bird watcher. I want to become a teacher but I still I would like to do this for a hobby. i bought a Nikon D3500 which I´ve come to realize is not a good camera for birding probably could have done better with a Nikon pix p900 for the same price range.

More about me:

At a young age I was enthusiatic for nature, I used to watch ants for several minutes fascinated and animal planet was much more interesting for me than kid shows. A very young age I was crush by the school system, many things happened and I began to withdraw myself from other people and my parents weren´t capable of deal with my problems with a crumbling marriage, my father was doing cocaine and so I built a wall . I was diagnosed with depression and my parents couldn´t afford my treatment. I found a sense of relief and a mechanism of protection for me was to start playing videogames runescape without living. At some point I became comfortably numb. I ended up being very insecure. I was encourage to follow a degree in any field in the university very accessible for ous. I had no idea what to choose and I ended up the choosing the night before the end of inscriptions. I was thinking about something along the line of social studies but then I saw biology and I remembered as a young naive child liking it so much and so I decided if I was to ripped apart to choose probably my inner child could do a better job. The first semester was pretty good but then my sister had an injury and my mother had to leave me I had nobody to hang out no real hobbies other than videogames which I wanted to quit. So a friend of mine told to me try out marihuana and naively I accepted. To short it out I ended up resolving a lot of trauma and injuries of the past with the aid of cannabis but I still had a disossiative "hobbie" which was smoking, for me it was kind of spiritual like the reggae but more in a personal stream. With my newest addiction "spiritual cure" I ended up failling some courses which I could have easily aced. To short it out I´ve quitted weed for a year now and started to get higher grades and now that I´am in the field doing this surrounded by so many natural beauty I believe I´m starting to cure a lot of my past but this time without any external stimulant. So far it has been a wonderful experience and I only wish this is the start of something better for my self. If you have read this far I appreciate it a lot, thank you. :eat:

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Welcome to Birdforum! I am sure that you will find lots to interest you here and I hope that you enjoy your visits.

There are some restrictions for new members, including being able to upload an avatar.

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Hi Juan Antonio and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

There are a few restrictions placed on new members, which you can read more about here. Profile pictures are included in this.

The time will soon pass.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I look forward to hearing your news.
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