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Starting with butterflies and moths (1 Viewer)


Hi all.

This summer I spent my vacations in the northwest coast of Spain (Galicia). I went out birding all I could but I found, at night, lots of different moths came to visit us to a big window and wall with a powerfull lamp. I was surprised how many different ones you could see in just that little space.

This reminds me when I started with birds, thinking it was going to be impossible learning to identify so many. But I will try to study and learn.

I even didn't know there was a butterfly/moths section in the forum.

Could you please help me to start with these ones.

Thank you. :t:


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Here are my ids:
#1 is Habrosyne pyritoides (Hufnagel, 1766).
#2 is Menophra abruptaria (Thunberg, 1792)
#3 not sure, will have to check
#4 is Ochropleura plecta ssp. (or f.) unimacula (Staudinger, 1859)
#5 is Xanthohoe fluctuata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Andy Adcock

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Unless there are similar species there I'd say......

1 Buff Arches
2 Waved Umber
4 Flame Shoulder
5 Garden carpet


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Andy has given the 'British' vernacular names (me the scientific) but they refer to the same species. Strictly speaking photos for identification should go in the sub-thread,
Enjoy your mothing.


Wow, that's quick reply. Thanks for your help.

I now know there is a specific sub-thread for identification. I will post next ones there, sorry. And I'll be waiting for #3 ID.

Is there a good online identification web to start with the bascis while I look for a good book guide?


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