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Stephennj 2010 List (1 Viewer)


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I enjoyed last years listing and observing all of the other year listers on the forum . I am excited to start another new yearlist for 2010 ! Looking forward to a trip to Chiapas, Mexico this year which will add some exciting Neotropical life birds .


1. Dark-eyed Junco
2. American Goldfinch
3. Tufted Titmouse
4. House Finch
5. House Sparrow
6. Downy Woodpecker
7. Norther Cardinal
8. Herring Gull
9. Rock Dove
10. European Starling
11. Canada Goose
12. American Robin
13. Ring-billed Gull
14. Blue Jay
15. Mourning Dove
16. Red-bellied Woodpecker
17. Greater Black-backed Gull
18.Carolina Chickadee


19. Double-crested Cormrant
20. Mallard Duck
21. White-breasted Nuthatch
22. Northern mockingbird
23. Common Grackle


24. White-throated Sparrow


25. Coopers Hawk
26. American Crow
27. Northern Flicker
28. Great Blue Heron

1-10-2010 first proper walk at Raritain Canal and River , New Brunswick, NJ

29. Hairy Woodpecker
30. Belted Kingfisher
31. American Song Sparrow
32. Common Goldeneye ( I had a would-be lifer female Barrow's Goldeneye as well but didn't realize at the time)
33. Common Merganser
34. Bufflehead
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Some local mid Jan birds, adding birds from trip to Chiapas, Mexico birds soon ..

35. Red-tailed Hawk
36. Fish Crow


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Finally reporting after birding Chiapas ,the southernmost state of Mexico I have come up with this list of birds to add to the year. The trip was in late January for 4 full birding days . Most every bird seen on the trip was new for the year , I tallied over 5o life birds from the trip. I will post a trip report soon on the Vacational forum. Apologies for not listing Taxonomically ! I will fix that for the trip report.

37 Acorn Woodpecker
38 American Coot
39 American Golden Plover
40 American Kestrel
41 American Redstart
42 Amethyst-throated Hummingbird
43 Ash-throated Flycatcher
44 Band-backed Wren
45 Banded Wren
46 Band-Tailed Pigeon
47 Bare-throated Tiger-Heron
48 Barn Swallow
49 Bar-winged Oriole
50 Belted Kingfisher
51 Beryline Hummingbird
52 Black and White Warbler
53 Black Pheobe
54 Black Skimmer
55 Black Vulture
56 Black-capped Swallow
57 Black-crowned Night Heron
58 Black-eared Bushtit
59 Black-Necked Stilt
60 Black-Throated Blue Warbler
61 Black-Throated Green Warbler
62 Black-vented Oriole
63 Blue and White Mockingbird

64 Blue-black Grassquit
65 Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher
66 Blue-headed Vireo
67 Boat-billed Flycatcher
68 Brown Pelican
69 Brown-backed Solitare
70 Brown-Crested Flycatcher
71 Buff-bellied Hummingbird
72 Bullock's Oriole
73 Canivet's Emerald
74 Cattle Egret
75 Cinnamon Hummingbird
76 Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer
77 Citreoline Trogon
78 Clay-colored Thrush
79 Collared Plover
80 Common Bush-Tanager
81 Common Moorhen
82 Crested Caracara
83 Dusky Flycatcher
84 Dusky-capped Flycatcher
85 Fan-tailed Warbler
86 Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
87 Garnet-throated Hummingbird
88 Giant Wren
89 Golden-browed Warbler
90 Golden-crowned Emerald

91 Golden-fronted Woodpecker
92 Gray Catbird
93 Gray Hawk
94 Great Egret
95 Greater Kiskadee
96 Greater Yellowlegs
97 Great-Tailed Grackle
98 Green Heron
99 Green Jay
100 Green Parakeet
101 Green-fronted Hummingbird

102 Green-Violet Ear
103 Grey Silky-Flycatcher
104 Groove-billed Ani
105 Inca Dove
106 Indigo Bunting
107 Laughing Gull
108 Least Flycatcher
109 Lesser Nighthawk
110 Lincoln's Sparrow
111 Lineated Woodpecker
112 Little Blue Heron
113 Long-billed Starthroat
114 MacGillivary's Warbler

115 Magnificent Hummingbird
116 Magnolia Warbler
117 Marbled Godwit
118 Mexican Junco
119 Nashville Warbler
120 Neotropic Cormorant
121 Northern Beardless Tyrannulet
122 Northern Harrier
123 Olive Warbler
124 Orange-chinned Parakeet
125 Orange-crowned Warbler
126 Orange-fronted Parakeet
127 Orchard Oriole
128 Pacific Parakeet
129 Painted Bunting
130 Peregrine Falcon
131 Pine Flycatcher
132 Pink-headed Warbler

133 Red-billed Pigeon
134 Red-breasted Chat
135 Reddish Egret
136 Red-faced Warbler

137 Ringed Kingfisher
138 Roadside Hawk
139 Rose-throated Becard
140 Rosita's Bunting
141 Royal Tern

142 Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
143 Ruddy Ground-Dove
144 Rufous-browed Peppershrike
145 Rufous-collard Sparrow
146 Rufous-collared Thrush
147 Russet-crowned Motmot

148 Sanderling
150 Sandwich Tern
151 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

152 Scrub Euphonia
153 Short-billed Dowhitcher
154 Snowy Egret
155 Social Flycatcher
156 Spotted Sandpiper
157 Squirrel Cuckoo
158 Stellar's Jay
159 Streak-backed Oriole
160 Stripe-headed Sparrow
161 Strong-billed Woodcreeper

162 Townsend's Warbler
163 Tri-Colored Heron
164 Tropical Kingbird
165 Tropical Mockingbird
166 Turkey Vulture
167 Unicolored Jay
168 Varied Bunting

169 Vermillion Flycatcher
170 Violet-crowned Hummingbird
171 Violet-green Swallow
172 Warbling Vireo
173 West Mexican Chachalaca
174 Western Kingbird
175 Western Tanager
176 Whimbrel
177 White Ibis
178 White-eared Hummingbird
179 White-eyed Vireo
180 White-fronted Parrot
181 White-lored Gnatcatcher
182 White-naped Brush-Finch

183 White-tailed Hawk
184 White-throated Magpie Jay
185 White-Winged Dove
186 Willet
187 Wilson's Warbler
188 Yellow Grosbeak
189 Yellow Warbler
190 Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
191 Yellow-olive Flycatcher
192 Yellow-throated Euphonia
193 Yellow-winged Cacique

I'll add pics soon as well ! Steve


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More from Chiapas , Mexico

1 Rufous-browed Peppershrike
2 White-fronted Parrot
3 Orange-fronted Parakeet
4 Yellow Grosbeak
5 Grey Hawk


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Just a few short-distance migrants and winter holdovers from mid March. Things will be picking up soon after the "migration vacuum" of March. (Winter birds have moved on and summer breeders on their way).

194. Brown-headed Cowbird
195. Red-winged Blackbird
196. Yellow-rumped Warbler


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Took a peek at the local university farm which is a reliable spot this time of year for Snipe.Yep ! and a bonus Osprey overhead.

197. Wilson's Snipe
198. Osprey


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Migrants are starting to trickle in, but not much time for birding...yet !
199. Chipping Sparrow
200. Wild Turkey
201. Killdeer
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A little birding today at Heylar Woods, Rutgers Gardens. Notable species were Blue-grey Gnatcatcher, Blue-headed Vireo. Only one new year bird:

202. Hermit Thrush


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Full day Birding Cape May , New Jersey part 1 of 2

Birded a full day sun-up to sun-down with Veagle (South Dakota)and Peteb01 (New Jersey) from BirdForum at world-famous Cape May, New Jersey this past Monday. We were lucky in that we avoided looming rainstorms for the entire day but we were just a little too early for the main neotropical songbird migration that occurs in May. We did well in our opinion with nearly 90 species for the day.

Our first stop was at Belleplain State Park at the northern edge of Cape May County. This is prime Pine-Oak and Atlantic White Cedar swampland habitat and an excellent location for many hard to find songbirds. We flushed what were probable Chuck-Will's Widows off the road as we entered the State forest before dawn. Visibility was low as we had deep forest conditions and cloudy skies . Some good birds included first migrant Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Spotted Sandpiper and the last of the overwintering White-throated Sparrows.We heard Worm-eating Warbler which also breed here but failed to view one.

203. Ovenbird
204. Yellow-throated Warbler
205. Black & White Warbler
206. Pine Warbler
207. Eastern Pheobe
208. Prothonotary Warbler
209. Eastern Towhee

Our next stop was on Cape May Island at Higbee Beach at mid morning. Veagle scoped some good shorebirds and we did some meadow and field birding. We found Hermit Thrush, Yellow-rumped Warbler,Chipping Sparrow,Brown-headed Cowbird , and 3 Gull Species.

211. Northern Gannet
212. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
213. Field Sparrow
214. Common Yellowthroat
215. Brown Thrasher
216. Bald Eagle

The next location was Cape May Point where the Hawkwatch is located , We hit the beach and the trails finding goodies like Carolina Wren, Osprey and Blue-headed Vireo.

217. Palm Warbler
218. Purple Martin
219. Mute Swan
220. Northern-rough -winged Swallow
221. Barn Swallow
222. Tree Swallow


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Full day Birding Cape May , New Jersey part 2 of 2

Our last Cape May location was at The Meadows to chase Piping Plover which we found nesting in a protected area on the dunes, and whatever else we could dig up. New birds listed below from our short but productive walk to the dunes and back:

223. Chimnet Swift
224. Savannah Sparrow
225. American Oystercatcher
226. Piping Plover
227. Green-winged Teal
228. Blue-winged Teal
229. Glossy Ibis

Finally we headed north to Brigantine NWR located near Atlantic City, NJ. This was our last stop and we had about two hours of daylight left, the winds were picking up off the ocean and birding conditions were difficult but we found some great stuff here nonetheless. Veagle's scope made all the difference in the world since many of the birds were at a far distance, we think if the conditions were better we would have come away with a few more species..We had a nice bonus as we heard Great-horned Owl on our way out of the park at dusk.

230. American Black Duck
231. Forster's Tern
232. Solitary Sandpiper
233. Dunlin
234. Wimbrel
235. Willet
236. American Golden Plover
237. Black-bellied Plover
238. Brant
239. Seaside Sparrow
240. Peregrine Falcon

Well that was a whole lot of birding from sun-up to dusk ! I had a blast with two great birding friends and I am looking forward to another outing.


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The neighborhood is now sounding-off with new birdsongs from Neotropical migrants. I saw the first backyard Ruby-throated Hummingbird the other day and got a life bird at the local park on a 15 min walk.Today was the first summer-like day of the year and I'm hoping to get some birding time very soon.

241. House Wren
242. Blue-winged Warbler
243. Baltimore Oriole


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Took a walk at Palmyra Cove near Phila. before the planting / gardening at the Park. Good Lord the Deer have really destroyed the habitat there. It gets worse every year.

246. Orchard Oriole
247. Swamp Sparrow
246. Northern Parula


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In this busy spring season I have had little time for birding (as usual) Adding the Northern Raven pair I saw for a couple of days in late Winter and a few backyard sightings. I get Cedar Waxwings for a solid two month starting now as the Mullberries come in bloom. They must nest around here somewhere.

249. Northern Raven
250. Cedar Waxwing
251. Blackpool Warbler


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I had a small trip to northern-central Pennsylvania over the weekend and started my first PA state list. Now adding a couple of year birds from this past weekend.

252. Indigo Bunting
253. Eastern Wood-Pewee


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A good day birding Sandy Hook , New Jersey this past weekend with American Redstart,White-eyed Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Common Yellowthoat , Black & White Warbler , American Kestrel , Coopers Hawk , Osprey , Sanderling , Eastern Pheobe , Eastern Towhee a late Baltimore Oriole . Only one new yearbird :

254 : Great-crested Flycatcher


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Not any serious birding trips lately but I have had some goodies on little walks :

255. Golden-crowned kinglet
256. Wood Duck
257. Ruddy Duck
258. White-crowwned Sparrow
259. Brown Creeper


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A couple of goodies at the Meadowlands this past weekend as well as Northern Harrier,American Kestrel , Belted Kingfisher , Ruby-crowned Kinglet and 5 Duck species.

260. Pintail
261. Lesser Yellowlegs
262. Redhead
263. Northern Shoveler


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Some good birds today at the Edgeboro landfill, only one new one (but a good one!)

264.American Tree Sparrow

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