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Suggestions please on a S Thailand raptor (1 Viewer)


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Hi, I am hoping to receive any suggestions as to the raptor I saw on Dec 6. Unfortunately there are no photos. But, it had a very distinctive white "bar" running from the body to just before the wing tips. The raptor was quite high and my view was quite brief but what I noted was the white stripe running from the body to ending just before the wing tips. The rest of the body and wings seemed dark:). The white stripe was towards the front of the wing and my recollection was it ran quite straight, with no hook in either direction. The stripe was similar to that in photos of a Crested Serpent Eagle but my recollection was it was towards the leading and not trailing edge of the wing. The wing seemed dark with a white band and then another dark band about the same width as the white one along the leading edge of the wing. The other possibilities I have come up with are immature Pallas' Fish Eagle, which I think would be well out of range or an immature Steppe Eagle, which I think is a rare passage migrant here. Or I am wrong about the position of the white band and it was a Crested Serpent Eagle, though the band seemed to be quite straight and not hooked at the end. Or it could be something else altogether:)
The raptor was gliding, the wings seemed flat but at that height I am not sure, where the forested "foothills" to the North west of Hat Yai meet the scrub forest flat land just before the farming plains. This was just outside of Tong Nga Cha park.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. Any suggestions or ideas much appreciated, especially with ideas for other identifying marks that would help distinguish which species it was should I see it again in the future. I am not looking to check this on my list as I really did not get a good look at it.
thanks again

Deb Burhinus

Used to be well known! 😎
Hi Steve

Sorry you’ve not had any response - as you have probably gathered, without a photo, it’s very difficult to pin down what you saw.

I can only think of a couple of possibilities that fit your description but which you have already mentioned
- imm Steppe Eagle is one and seems the closest and ebird does have several December records

Crested Serpent Eagle (widespread)
However, I would have thought you would have also noted the tail pattern here but it might depend on the angle of the bird.

If you see another similar bird, try and note the shape of the wings and the tail pattern, this will help you distinguish between the two options above at least.

I’m not sure whether someone more local could tell you what is about in the area.
Sorry not to be more help.


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Hi Deb, thanks for the information, very helpful and appreciated. I appreciate that the paucity of information provided and lack of a photo made id pretty darn difficult. But I was curious if there were other phases of any raptors that show a somewhat similar band and that were not reflected in the standard handbooks. I will just have to keep looking:)
Thank you again for your comments and information. Now if only I can get a photo or two as clear as the ones in your message:)

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