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A female Summer Tanager appeared at the feeders outside my office in Bangor, Maine (USA) on Monday, 1 December. The Summer Tanager's range is normally no further north than New Jersey, and they normally are in Central or South America in winter. She stayed for several days before disappearing soon after a heavy snowstorm last Saturday.


Have binoculars. Will travel.
Wow, great find!

I'm curious....Never saw a tanager at a feeder. What was it eating?



Richard stern
We had one at a feeder here in N.S. for about a week in early Dec. I posted some digiscoped pics of it here in the Gallery (try a search). It was feeding on suet, and kept being shooed off the feeder by a Downy woodpecker. If you want a great laugh, try and get hold of a copy of a story called "The Bird", by Stuart MacLean, as one of a series on CBC radio, about a Summer tanager at a feeder.

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