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Sunda Coucal/Muara Angke (1 Viewer)


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Here is an update to an already closed thread:

I recently (18th JUly) visited Muara Angke, Jakarta, on the 18th of July, and scored with a Sunda Coucal. The bird was warming itself up in a sunny spot on a mid-canopy branch, appearing at 6.40 AM and staying there for 45 minutes. Javan White-eay was more elusive, with just brief views of a single bird and apparently more moving in the background.

In other words, the birds are still there and I saw no alarming developments with immediate risk of forcing them away.

Had a Bluebird taxi from one of the many airport hotels. The ride took about 30 minutes one way + 10 minutes asking around for 'hutan alam' on arrival. Look for a large signpost with a lot of text and a sheltered entrance by a wide avenue with no buildings.

The taxidrivers know where Muara Angke is, and the locals know the location of the 'hutan alam'. The reserve is closed but one may enter till the gated boardwalk, and that was enough in my case. The coucal was in the trees on the right when entering the site, well before the boardwalk. It is only 50 meters from the street to the locked boardwalk gate.

It was not an expensive trip. The taxi cost 250.00 rupees, including the 1.5 h waiting time and a short stop at an Indomaret supermarket on the way back, and I also paid the road tolls (12.000). If we would have driven straight to the site, without a detour to ask for information, the cost would have been 215.000.


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Whereabouts was the Coucal? I have seen previously (At Indramayu) but I missed it this year at Maura Anke in March with friends that needed it. They are going back later this year so any extra info welcome - we had no sign at dawn or dusk.

I didn't realize Javan White-eye was still there, so you were lucky with that one.

cheers, alan


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More details

Hi Alan,

Leaving the avenue (just enough space for one taxi to park) and passing the entrance shelter, one soon (5-10 meters?) sees an opening on the right. In there, 50 to 100 meters away, there are some trees by the edge of the water, in-between the avenue and the water (channel?). It is a sunny, semi-open spot and also in favor of roosting Javan Pond Herons. The coucal was sunning itself in the tree closest to the entrance. It could probably have been seen from the avenue, too, with closer looks and a chance for photography.

I guess one needs some luck there, too. The coucal could easily have chosen another tree. Most of the trees at the water's edge can not be observed from the entrance area. One would need a boat to do that.

Let's hope this spot, with all the tall grass surrounding the trees, currently is its favorite morning retreat...

Good luck,


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