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Surrey VC Yearlist 2010 by Kojak (1 Viewer)

Beddington Farm 04/10

168 Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus)

A call from John Allan that a SEO was circling the N lake had me popping in for the briefest of visits as the bird flew over my head over Mile road bridge. Thanks John for talking me through the birds movements.
South Nutfield 05/10

169 Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix) :king:
170 Corn Bunting (Emberiza calandra) :king:

Went in search of the former thanks to Factors exellent directions saw c11 birds which have bred in the past here. I heard the later which showed on the hedge/bush line before flying off across the field into another hedgerow. I make some phone calls realizing the later was a rarity in Surrey these days. I saw the bird again before it flew along the hedge/bush line and was not re located before dusk.

Two Surrey ticks in a day both subject to acceptance by the records comittee.

There understandably are concerns as to whether the partridges are genuine wild birds. This record may fall by the wayside for that reason.


:t: = 1 :king: = 15 o:D = 10 3:) = 11


  • South Nutfield Grey Partridge 1.jpg
    South Nutfield Grey Partridge 1.jpg
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Island Barn Reservoir 11/11/2010

171 Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca fusca) :king:

Having been talking with Mike "Posh" Spicer about Beddington Bird reports I managed to tag along onto a visit to Island Barn courtesy of Steve "Hurricane" Spooner. The wind was heavy but having sheltered below the reservoir wall Posh re located the bird on the far side. Dave "Ninja" Harris joined us to enjoy views of the bird.

Thanks Dave for the news last night and Steve for allowing access to the site. Woo hoo!


:t: = 1 :king: = 16 o:D = 10 3:) = 11
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Cut Mill Pond Puttenham Common 19/11

172 Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) :king:

Epsom Downs 19/11

173 Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulous)

Five birds found by Grant Prater in Shawley Crescent. He only leaves the Farm to work and look what happens and it was a lifer for him woo hoo!


:t: = 1 :king: = 16 o:D = 10 3:) = 11


  • Puttenham Common Red Necked Grebe 1.jpg
    Puttenham Common Red Necked Grebe 1.jpg
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  • Epsom Waxwing 3.jpg
    Epsom Waxwing 3.jpg
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  • Epsom Waxwing 2.jpg
    Epsom Waxwing 2.jpg
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Headley Heath 22/11

174 Mealy Redpoll (Carduelis flammea)

Having had a report from Steve Gale re a large flock of Redpolls on the Heath. I went with Roger Browne and met John Allan and Mike Spicer. At least 3 birds identified in a flock of 3 - 400+ Lesser Redpolls. Park in 2nd car park opposite cricket pavillion and take path towards small ponds and view Silver birch.

This technically is a life bird having not differentiated between Lesser and Mealy prior to them being split.

Returned to the Heath today 23rd with John, T Bros and Devilbirder who joined us late on.... Several Mealy with other good candidates were within the 300+ mobile flock...


Beddington Farm 121
Holmethorpe CP 087


:t: = 2 :king: = 17 o:D = 10 3:) = 11


  • Headley Heath Redpoll 1.jpg
    Headley Heath Redpoll 1.jpg
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Bookham Common 29/11

175 Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)

Following contact between Steve "Captain Hurricane" Spooner and John "Badge" Allan. Myself Roger "Dodge" Browne Frank "T Bros" Prater and Badge made our way to the common. Within five minutes of arriving I saw a bird in the berry bushes in front of the small NT car park. Dodge ticked the bird with views in my scope...A lifer for him.... Badge and T Bros arrived a few minutes later. T Bros locating a bird further right. A Surrey tick for him..... Two birds were later seen together and I took a poor pic of one. So we were all happy Badge is edging closer to his all time Surrey year list record which stands at 191.

Thanks Steve for the info this morning.....


  • Bookham Common Hawfinch 2.jpg
    Bookham Common Hawfinch 2.jpg
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Beddington Farm 03/12

176 Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) :king: o:D

Thanks to a split second decission by Pete "Pinpoint" Alfrey to return the Farm instead of walking the Wandle trail.. The call went out Snow Bunt with Yellowhammers on Mount Beddington.. These were new arrivals this area having been checked this morning by Pinpoint. Only problem was there was not alot of daylight time left.... Dodge was marooned in the snow and had started walking!!!... I answered his distress signal picking him up in the Woohoomobile in Wallington and we made it to the Farm.... Now to negotiate the mound...... Not a pretty or comfortable trip for me!!
Anyway we joined the few other fortunate Beddington Birders watching the first bird on the deck for 100 years (viz Pinpoint).

I was so wrecked that I didnt have the energy to celebrate then heard a Barn Owl had been seen hunting near the South Lake. This was a year tick I missed it due to my lack of mobility these days.... Fortunately this will be rectified over Xmas of all times!!

Another Surrey tick in the bag thanks all for spreading the news... I dont think the bird has been re located today which is a shame..... I am recovering!!! Woo hoo!!!


Beddington Farm 122
Holmethorpe CP 087


:t: = 2 :king: = 18 o:D = 11 3:) = 11


  • Beddington Farm Snow Bunting 1.jpg
    Beddington Farm Snow Bunting 1.jpg
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  • Beddington Farm Snow Bunting 2.jpg
    Beddington Farm Snow Bunting 2.jpg
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Beddington Farm 05/12

(-) Common Crane (Grus grus)

A phone call from Dodge had me hopping to the Woohoomobile to twitch a bird that was not even a yeartick having seen the fly over at the Farm on Bird Race day 01/05... But what a fantastic bird and the second record for the Farm. Both records this year Amazing!
The bird hung around enabling Surrey and London listers to add it too their collection of ticks. This bird was the first twitchable one in London. The Farm never ceases to amaze me... What will be next?!
The bird was still present at dusk today....


  • Beddington Farm Common Crane 2.jpg
    Beddington Farm Common Crane 2.jpg
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Beddington Farm 08/12

(-) Mealy Redpoll (Carduelis flammea) o:D

A single bird was identified by Badge in a flock of 30 birds. Dodge has a video and photos of the bird.


Beddington Farm 125
Holmethorpe CP 088


:t: = 2 :king: = 18 o:D = 12 3:) = 11
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Holmethorpe CP 11/12

(-) Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulous) 3:)

I got to Holmethorpe at first light today having dipped these birds the other day. Trains were buzzing by but I saw several small groups near the Eurocar premises on the industrial estate and in the silver birch on the other side of the railway. I later saw Graham and Factor highest count c30 birds.

This was my 97th Holmethorpe tick.


Beddington Farm 125
Holmethorpe CP 089


:t: = 2 :king: = 18 o:D = 12 3:) = 12


  • Holmethorpe CP Bohemian Waxwing 1.jpg
    Holmethorpe CP Bohemian Waxwing 1.jpg
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  • Holmethorpe CP Bohemian Waxwing 2.jpg
    Holmethorpe CP Bohemian Waxwing 2.jpg
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My yearlisting was cut short having been booked in for a knee operation. I must say all the staff at the SWLEOC centre in Epsom were fantastic. I am still recovering but things are looking up. I expect to make a full recovery.

On the birding front my yearlist finished at 175 this does not count the Grey Partridge which I believe will not be accepted as a wild population.

This was by far my best Surrey VC count which included 17 Surrey VC ticks (again omitting the GP). I saw my two target birds Turnstone and Sandwich Tern... And thanks to the information services landed my all time hoped for inland tick GANNET at Beddington Farm.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me achieve this count sending information to me about species I needed for my list.

I am sure I will be able to match this total having missed Surrey and Beddington ticks due to my injury and the operation.

I know John Allan who broke the Surrey record with 195 species (Nice one Badgeman! B :) :clap::clap:) is doing another yearlist so I may well get back in the flow of things having twitched many a Surrey bird with him this year.

For now its recovery time........ and I hope you all have a Happy New Year and here is to plenty of Surrey VC rarities next year.

Woo Hoo!

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